Friday, 27 March 2015

Danga Bay Johor Bahru Free Concert @4 day iskandar waterfront carnival 26march-29march 15

Hi all~

Tonight i just witnesses a really wonderful concerts that featuring Korea k pop team Sistar (brought to you by Iskandar Waterfront). This is just a part of celebration programme for  coronation of Johor Sultan.~

I really enjoy the show ~~ especially Sistar part and musical firework part !! I really regret doesn't bring a nicer cam T.T. You may ask where is the location of free concert xD. 

Now, its not too late share the news with you because there are three more days free concert featuring with different country singer/celebrity  :p . 

First day concert March 26: Nicole Tai (Astro talent search star), Rossa (Indonesia), SISTAR (all girls K-Pop group from South Korea)

March 27: Geraldine Gan (Astro talent search star), Jacklyn Victor, Sheila Majid, Penny Tai
March 28: Crystal Lee, Fuying & Sam (Taiwan), Alleycats and Faizal Tahir;
 March 29Shila Amzah, T-Ara (Korean K-Pop group), Havana Brown (USA) and Taboo (a member of “Black Eyed Peas”).

Haha I already aim for the Sunday march 29 free concert . Got T-Ara from South Korea ~~it is another glamorous band with legions of fans all round the world. This incredible group that is fun-loving and upbeat is also known for its diverse music. And Black eyed peas Wahaha ~ 

Have you make a decision which day to go? i bet you may attend four day free concert XD 
Since its totally free for public :D shh no need to be blush, I understand.  hehe 

Thanks for your reading, its over 1 am . Time to sleep :)

See ya,