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Review:Mario Badescu Skincare Special Cucumber lotion and Whitening Mask

Hi all~

Recently I receive some awesome Mario Badescu product from luxola for product review purpose, 

Thanks to , this is my very first time using Mario Badescu product series xD. after browsing luxola website and I found the followings : 


Mario Badescu Skin Care is one of the most profound skin care products in the world, which believes in old age skin care techniques. Enjoying a legacy of over 40 years as a skin care solution, the brand works on the vision of its founder Mario Badescu: simplicity is the key to healthy, clean, radiant skin. Products by Mario Badescu in Malaysia help thousands of individuals in their fight with acne, rosacea, aging skin and other skin related issues very effectively.

Mario Badescu Special Cucumber lotion

( Product information source: According luxola website/Mario Badescu product packaging) 

Product description 


Our special cucumber lotion fight against oily build-up and bacteria that can cause acne. Cucumber extract provides a refreshing,pore tightening and antiseptic deep cleansing.


  • Mild solution that goes gentle on the skin
  • Does not dry up, burn or irritate skin thanks to soothing cucumber properties
  • Stops new blemishes from growing
  • Dries up existing pimples


Deionized Water (Aqua),Isopropyl Alcohol,Sodium Sulfate,Cucumber (Cucumis Sativus) Extract,Nonoxynol 9

How to use

  • Use twice daily after cleansing. 
  • Apply the lotion onto a cotton pad and wipe in an outward motion onto clean, dry skin. 
  • Avoid the eye area and follow with moisturiser or night cream.

Size: 236ml 

Made in U.S.A

Price: RM134.50

Shelf life : 6 month 

Not tested on animals.

                    Some how I feel the cap design is cute hehe~

Kim review : 

After  I try for a  short period, i found  Mario Badescu special cucumber lotion is watery texture ,leaving skin with  non - sticky feel. 

Product nature is  mild, doesn't stimulate my sensitive skin. (Even though i found ingredients does consist of alcohol )xD  .

Furthermore,The toner can  purifying my skin without dehydrated my skin.I love  this point.

I will recommend it to oily skin ladies , somehow i feel it got oil control effect too  :) As for me, I am combination and dehydrated skin, Therefore i will just apply it on my problematic acne area eg: forehead , as an antiseptic deep cleansing lotion to fight against the bacteria :D sounds good too, isn't it :p

I got some acne scar, therefore I chosen the whitening mask as second review item.

Mario Badescu Whitening mask

Product description


Brighten up uneven or dull skin with regular use of this mask.


Natural skin lightening ingredients like kojic acid, liquorice and mulberry make this mask gentle for all skin types. It contains no alpha hydroxy acids so it’s safe and gentle even on acne erupted or the most sensitive skin.


Deionized Water (Aqua), Kaolin,Balsam (Myroxylon Pereirae Resin) Peru,Wheat (Triticum Vulgare) Starch, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide,Sorbitol, Kojic Acid, Mulberry Extract, Licorice Extract, Grape Extract,Scullcap (Scutellaria Galericulate) Extract

How to use:

Apply a thin layer of mask on clean skin avoiding the eye area. Wait 5-10 minutes and rinse thoroughly with tepid water. Follow with a serum and moisturiser. Use 2-3 times a week.

Size: 59ml size

Made in U.S.A

Price: RM120.00

Shelf life : 6 month 

Not tested on animals.

Kim review: 

For the first time i open the jar, the mask was white colour,and its texture is abit creamy :) 

 In order to achieve better obsorption, I done my face scrubbing before apply the mask :)
 Follow with the instruction, I apply  thin layer on my face . 
.I like the grape scent, smell good  :), mask easily dry . Mild nature, doesn't stimulate my sensitive skin~

 After  5-10min i wash off the mask. Guess what?  my complexion look smoother , brighter  :p 

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Thanks for your reading,
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