Friday, 29 May 2015

Beauty review : Victoria 's Egg White Facial Care Soap (Sweden)

Hi all ~

I am a soap lover especially addicted to handmade essential oil soap , that's why Victoria egg white facial care soap is capture my intention when i first saw it and  I am lucky to receive this product  from hishop for review purpose :)

According to hishop website introduction: 

It is made in Sweden, used by the Swedish royal family and even has a 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon 0.0  it look like a cleanser but it work like a mask. It doesn't dehydrate your skin like how you imagine a soap will . Work great for sebum control and shrinkage of pores.

                             I like its light rose water scent.

       It is 50g size, I personally feel its a tiny soap :p l like the sensation when i touch the soap.Smooth and comfortable. 


Sodium palmate, sodium palm kernelate, aqua, olea europeae,  palm acid,glycerin, lauryl glucoside, parfum, sodium chloride, palm kernel acid, lanolin, sodium lactate, lecithin (E 322 ) , tetrasodium EDTA , tetrasodium etidronate, CI 14700  ( RED No 504 ) . CI 77891 ( titanium dioxide ) , rosa damascena ( rose water ) , albumen 

Shelf life : 12 month 

Since the soap ingredients contain egg white, I google searching egg white 's  benefit .  It show egg white can whitening skin, shrinkage of pores. 

Ok no more waiting , just let me try it out now ~xD 

Directions: work up a good lather then smooth the foam on the face and neck that let it stay for 5 minutes.Impurities will be drawn from the pores naturally. Upon rinsing, a rosey glow appears on the skin. Gentle rosé water and lanolin are added to sooth and make the skin soft to the touch. 

I was surprise the soap  is quite moisturizing ,i put it on my face and neck about 3 min .

After first cleanse, my pore visible clean and it neither stimulate my sensitive skin nor dehydrate my skin . :D

Overall, i love the effect of shrinkage of pores most . It make my dull skin look smoother :)

Since  egg white also contain  vitamin A , it may cause sensitivity, therefore I think use 4 time per week is more than enough.

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Friday, 22 May 2015

Detox drink review: Cuppatea

Hi all~

I believe detox is everyone 's needs . Among the market , there are so many type of detox product.
Today I would like to share with you some experiments that I trying Cuppatea teatox.

Tada ~ This is product I receive from Cuppatea for review purpose.  14 days detox pack include morning detox (14 satchet ) and bed time cleanse ( 7 satchet ) .

According to Cuppatea official website, it explain the followings: 

**1) What is Cuppatea-tox and its’ benefits?

It’s a natural process of cleansing your body through tea drinking. Your body eliminates unwantedtoxins from the lungs, kidneys, bowels and skin naturally. Teatoxing also helps you to reduce bloating, increase metabolism and burn fat.

Cuppatea strongly advise you to have your regular meals preferably balanced diet along with regular exercise. Teatox is not a meal replacement.

**2) Is teatox going to affect my health if I am pregnant, conceiving, breastfeeding or have epilepsy, allergic to tea ingredients?

The answer is YES! Cuppa tea do not recommend you to undergo any teatox programme if you fall in any of the above condition. At the end of the day we want you to stay safe and be healthy!

**3) stop consume cuppatea immediately and consult your GP if symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, or prolonged diarrhea occurs .

**4) All the ingredients in Cuppatea Teatox are 100% natural, no chemical or preservatives and bacteria- free.

** 5) Ingredients:

Morningtime detox:

Mate leaves, Chinese oolong tea, Ginger root, Lotus leaves, Lemongrass, Ginseng root, Dandelion leaf, Gotu kola leaves, Nettle leaves.

Note: The Morningtime detox does not produce a laxative effect but contains a small amount of caffeine.

Bedtime Cleanse:

Senna leaves, Burdock root, Liquorice root, Hawthorn leaves, Fenugreek seeds, Peppermint leaves, Chamomile, Psyllium seeds.

Note: The Bedtime Cleanse produces a laxative effect to naturally cleanse and detoxify your body, approximately 8 hours after usage

Morning detox tea is design for consume consecutively 14 days . 

Add in hot boil water ,infuse about 3 min. 

To me, It taste like Chinese tea with herbs. Most probably  because of its oolong tea ingredients.

So It contain Caffeine too. 

And I did feel more easily hungry after first consume xD ( not sure is it because the tea also increase metabolism too ) 

          Pink label one is morning detox

Blue label one is bed time detox tea bag   , similar to morning detox tea, also add in hot water and infuse 3 min.  The herb scent is much stronger than the morning one o.o 

Bed time detox tea is on alternative night based. Which means it have to be consume at the following night  after you start drinking your first morning detox tea bag 

For example: if you consume morning tea bag at 01.05.15 then 02.05.15  having morning detox tea +  bed time detox tea(night ) . 03.05.15 only drink morning detox  and 04.05.15 drink morning detox + bed time detox etc.

P.S : you may continue taken two month of bed time detox tea only , since inside contain senna leave (laxative effect) 

For re consume , it has to be wait  at least two week.

Bed time cleanse: 

It taste like strong herb tea too. If you dont like herb or bitter, you may not like it. I feel comfort with the  chamomile ingredients ,  it did calm my spirit , give me a peaceful mind.Even though, the official instruction is taken the tea before one hours of bed time. 
However, I feel it will be good if I taken like two hours before my bed time, then I can avoid midnight go for toilet xD. 

The detox function is working normal on me.After 12 hours -20 hours  I consume the bed time detox tea, then I only go toilet .And unlike some detox product , it doesn't give me stomache . XD 

P.S: if feel any discomfort when consume the cuppa detox tea. Please discontinue and seek for doctor consultation . Since the result of individual may vary .

 Cuppatea shipped worldwide , so other country beside Malaysia also can take order. :)

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Cuppa tea  14 days programme. 

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Thanks for your reading, see ya~ =D



Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Ikan brand seaweed chili sambal

Hi all~

I have just complete a mandarin blogpost regarding a yummy seaweed chili from local brand Ikan Brand .
No matter you are food lover  or housewife, it surely won't disappointed you. :p

Monday, 4 May 2015

Beauty review: I'm from honey mask (Korea)

Hi all~

Recently I was given the chance to review one of the hot selling product from 
Wishtrend  :)  the product name is I'm from honey mask ~

Photo give credit : Wishtrend

I love to drink honey , and using honey handmade soap but this is my very first time to try honey mask.~ 

it seems like a great product , the content contain 46g herbal honey from korea jiri mountain .According website introduction, Jiri mountain 's herbal honey has more than 1000kinds of herbs and flower inside . It also full of propolis, fructose.

Wow, really can't wait to try it out~ O.O 

                       After waiting for three week, It arrived safely :)

Don't really understand those Korea words @.@ gotta check it out the product information from 

Spot this words, "No harmful additives"  (fragrance free, no artificial colour, talc free,no sulfate ) this point is very important to me since I have sensitive skin :)

Glad to know it also pass EWG  evaluation.

      The mask is 120g size, and for  all skin type.

Gentle reminder: Honey mask is made with 38.7% natural honey, during shipment it can separate and crystallize depending on temperate changes.(refer picture above ).

Test it on hands, the texture is quite moistful.and it smell good, I in love with the sweet honey scent ~

In order to restore the honey mask to its original state,do keep it at room temperature and stir it well . :)
After I blend it well, it become honey yellow colour :) i feel I have become disney character Winnie the Pooh during I  holding the  honey mask bottle :p

Lets try it out this great mask now . 
This is my bare face before apply mask.

   Apply mask :) 
After enjoy the mask about 20min-one hours then you can wash it off.

The masks doesn't  stimulate my sensitive skin .However the mask layer do need time to wash it off xD . Feel my skin appearance smoother after apply the mask. :D

Read until here, 

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Thanks for your reading, stay tunes for my other beauty review from