Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Educity Sundown Malaysia 2015 - This September , Johor's Most Anticipated Night Run is Back 〜

Hi johoreans, 

Do you ever think of one day you can run across the scenic night landscape of Nusajaya?  If you miss the last year first night run with over 5,000 runners participated  , this coming 05 September 15 , is a day you can't miss it  xD

I will attach the basic information here, for your reference :) 

Educity Sundown Malaysia 2015

Date: 05 sept  2015

Venue: Educity Sports Complex, Nusajaya , Johor.

Time : 8pm

Sponsor by: Educity Iskandar Malaysia Sdn.Bhd.

Supported by : Iskandar Investment  Berhad 
                        Iskandar Regional Development Authority
                        Polis Diraja Malaysia
                        Johor Tourism

Categories and fees: 

资料来源 : 

资料来源 : 

Haha, i have spotted early bird price( for women's open , 18 years old above , distance 12km ) just RM53  :p 

Woohoo such a nice price for me,  since i may join this run for fun xD

and I also looking forward to receiving a running vest, official timing, finisher 's medal, E- certificate and goodies bag ~! 

As I know , runners in the 21km category will receive an exclusive finisher's tee  =)

Do spread the news to your "marathon kaki"  too,  early bird price will ended by 15 july 15 ~~

With registration already opened, interested participants are invited to visit the event's official website at 

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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Review: Bawang anti- dandruff shampoo

Hi all~

Today I would like to show you the result I trying the BAWANG anti -dandruff shampoo . Thanks to hishop, I get the chances to review this product.

In fact, i never thought one day I will using BAWANG brand. In my mind, it is a popular brand for hair fall ( solely for man ) @.@ 

But nothing is impossible, in order to cure my oily hair and dandruff problem,I willing to try it out. XD

According to the BAWANG booklet: 

this product is formulated and manufactured by BAWANG international scientific research centre.China 's foremost centre for trichology research .

The BAWANG anti- dandruff shampoo combines ancient Chinese wisdom with modern pharmacology and biotechnology to bring optimum hair care results to the users. 

In addition, BAWANG anti-dandruff shampoo aim at cleans and protects your hair, conditioning it from roots to ends, upon each application. It helps reduce extra sebum and prevent dandruff, and relieving itching.
And it helps to achieve a healthier and dandruff - free  hair.

Ingredients :

It enrich with various Chinese herbal extracts Including Chinese honey locust, peppermint, aloe Vera, Chinese arborvitae twig and leaf (carbonized ) extracts and so on.

Mild nature, For all hair types . Can daily use :)

400ml size, consider big size shampoo.Shelf life: 3 years 


Apply an appropriate amount of shampoo to wet hair.Massage into rich lather. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

  The shampoo is quite moisturizing . At first , I thought it will be medicated scent, but after first  try I found it smell good. Quite acceptable :D

After 2-3 try, hair become smoother, no dandruff, but hair bottom part still frizzy. 

After try for a longer period, I found my hair become smoother , and don't have any dandruff, however it doesn't make my hair shiny xD  

You may ask why I like this shampoo: 

*The shampoo is  work well to conditioning my hair ,my hair become silky smooth after 1-2 try. 

*It doesn't stimulate my hair scalp,i feel comfort with it.

*Not pricey ,below RM28

*Oil control average + ,my hair currently dont have any dandruff .

 I satisfy with the result :)

Something I Don't like:

The packaging is too traditional and it  look like for guys instead of gals too xD 


This is BAWANG lastest hair fall product for gals . Really feminine packing , right? :) 

You can find the BAWANG anti -dandruff shampoo from 


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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Local Soap review: CHT Bamboo Vine-Mint Handmade Soap

Hi all~

Today I would like to show you the soap I am using recently :)

I receive local brand  CHT bamboo vine mint handmade soap for review purpose . 

      The packaging clearly show CHT soap is made in Malaysia . Soap ingredients include peppermint, vinegar and contain 1/4 or more glycerin which helps absorbs moisture from the air, and leaving skin well hydrated and soft.glycerin is known as a general medicine for fungus and eczema.

Before using the soap, I have a good read about the directions of use and bamboo vine- mint handmade soap's benefit.

It state this soap is for : 
Pimples, acne, pigmentation, blackhead, whitening,pore clogging, balancing skin oil,odor,problematic skin diseases,itching, inflammation, dandruff, hair loss , cracked nipples, skin allergies, sunburn, skin infections, disinfection, anti- bacteria, acne scars, shrink pores, redness, soothing,moisturizing, mental fatigue, and refreshing the spirit.

       Precaution : do not use,if you are allergy to vinegar and peppermint. 

I remember during  1-4th try , my body specific area feel really itchy. i am not sure is it because of the detoxification as Instruction mention. After 5th try and so on, My skin Doesnt feel itchy anymore , and thanks to its peppermint ingredients ,This soap did refresh my skin ,bringing the cooling sensation to me especially hot wheather day.

Since this soap can use for wash hair, face,body skin. Thus , bring this soap for your vacation will be good choice. 

For long term using, this soap will be more ideal if i just use it on my body skin , since the moisture level of soap is average. however if i use it for hair  , i found my hair condition will become dry.

i found the soap surface will peel off, so if possible , after using, please keep it on dry cool area.
 one soap cost forRM19.90 , can last for three week for me.

Thnks for your reading, 

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to order can contact or whatsapp +6010-2323484




Monday, 1 June 2015

Healthy drink review: (Japan) Fine Green Smoothies

Hi all~

Recently I  receive a healthy drink -- Fine Japan green smoothie from hishop for review purpose :)
The manufacturer is  fine Japan co. lTD  ( Osaka,Japan).

I believe the English packaging box is add on by Malaysia importer , since most of us doesn't know how to read Japanese words. XD 

The packaging clearly show the Nutrition  facts ( per 20g serving ) :

Energy 55kcal , protein 1.4g , fat 0g, sugar 7.7g, fiber 9.5g, sodium 40mg, vitamin A 180 ug , 
Vitamin D 1.8ug, Vitamin E 2.7 mg, vitamin B1 0.37 mg, Vitamin B2  0.37mg, Niacin 3.7 mg , Vitamin B6  0.33mg, Vitamin B12 0.8 ug , Folic acid 73 ug, pantothenic acid 2.2mg, vitamin c  29mg, calcium 233 mg, Magnesium 83mg, Iron 2.5mg, Camellia concentrate powder 100mg


Dietary fiber, psyllium husk powder, apple powder, orange powder, grape powder, banana powder, peach juice powder, blueberry juice powder, soy protein , vegetaze ( vegetable enzyme ) , enzyme powder, glucomannan, shell calcium, vitamin mix , ferric pyrophosphate, organic young barley grass powder, camellia concentrate powder, dextrin, xanthane gum, citric acid, fruit mix flavour, magnesium oxide, acesulfame k .

 I was so happy when I get to know that  fine green smoothie got add in vegetable enzyme and low calories, zero fat :p 

everyday our body need  consume 20g fiber, but we have to eat  alot of apples or vegetables in order  hit this target . Thus, green smoothie can be a healthy support drink since it provide 9.5 g fiber (two scoop) , almost 50%  our body needed.

       Tada ~ this is the Japan real package , 200g size , it can provide 10-20serving (depends on you drink two scoop or one scoop xD ) 

    a spoon attach with packaging ~this is the measurement per scoop

The green smoothie is powder type, abit like wheatgrass scent 粉质幼细

The colour is extremely green o.o , 

I love the taste , it just like mix fruit juice , with the enzyme, it sucessfully become ultra smooth fibre drink .~
I normally only taken one scoop for one cup . 

However, you may try two scoop for a diet meal :D 

One scoop fine green smoothies  in 200ml cold water, stir well .enjoy :D

Overall, I feel it will be an ideal drink to maintain a balance diet .

**Precaution: Pregnant lady or breast feeding ladies is not suitable for this drink . 

if you interested to buy fine green smoothies, can visit 

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