Monday, 1 June 2015

Healthy drink review: (Japan) Fine Green Smoothies

Hi all~

Recently I  receive a healthy drink -- Fine Japan green smoothie from hishop for review purpose :)
The manufacturer is  fine Japan co. lTD  ( Osaka,Japan).

I believe the English packaging box is add on by Malaysia importer , since most of us doesn't know how to read Japanese words. XD 

The packaging clearly show the Nutrition  facts ( per 20g serving ) :

Energy 55kcal , protein 1.4g , fat 0g, sugar 7.7g, fiber 9.5g, sodium 40mg, vitamin A 180 ug , 
Vitamin D 1.8ug, Vitamin E 2.7 mg, vitamin B1 0.37 mg, Vitamin B2  0.37mg, Niacin 3.7 mg , Vitamin B6  0.33mg, Vitamin B12 0.8 ug , Folic acid 73 ug, pantothenic acid 2.2mg, vitamin c  29mg, calcium 233 mg, Magnesium 83mg, Iron 2.5mg, Camellia concentrate powder 100mg


Dietary fiber, psyllium husk powder, apple powder, orange powder, grape powder, banana powder, peach juice powder, blueberry juice powder, soy protein , vegetaze ( vegetable enzyme ) , enzyme powder, glucomannan, shell calcium, vitamin mix , ferric pyrophosphate, organic young barley grass powder, camellia concentrate powder, dextrin, xanthane gum, citric acid, fruit mix flavour, magnesium oxide, acesulfame k .

 I was so happy when I get to know that  fine green smoothie got add in vegetable enzyme and low calories, zero fat :p 

everyday our body need  consume 20g fiber, but we have to eat  alot of apples or vegetables in order  hit this target . Thus, green smoothie can be a healthy support drink since it provide 9.5 g fiber (two scoop) , almost 50%  our body needed.

       Tada ~ this is the Japan real package , 200g size , it can provide 10-20serving (depends on you drink two scoop or one scoop xD ) 

    a spoon attach with packaging ~this is the measurement per scoop

The green smoothie is powder type, abit like wheatgrass scent 粉质幼细

The colour is extremely green o.o , 

I love the taste , it just like mix fruit juice , with the enzyme, it sucessfully become ultra smooth fibre drink .~
I normally only taken one scoop for one cup . 

However, you may try two scoop for a diet meal :D 

One scoop fine green smoothies  in 200ml cold water, stir well .enjoy :D

Overall, I feel it will be an ideal drink to maintain a balance diet .

**Precaution: Pregnant lady or breast feeding ladies is not suitable for this drink . 

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