Thursday, 4 June 2015

Local Soap review: CHT Bamboo Vine-Mint Handmade Soap

Hi all~

Today I would like to show you the soap I am using recently :)

I receive local brand  CHT bamboo vine mint handmade soap for review purpose . 

      The packaging clearly show CHT soap is made in Malaysia . Soap ingredients include peppermint, vinegar and contain 1/4 or more glycerin which helps absorbs moisture from the air, and leaving skin well hydrated and soft.glycerin is known as a general medicine for fungus and eczema.

Before using the soap, I have a good read about the directions of use and bamboo vine- mint handmade soap's benefit.

It state this soap is for : 
Pimples, acne, pigmentation, blackhead, whitening,pore clogging, balancing skin oil,odor,problematic skin diseases,itching, inflammation, dandruff, hair loss , cracked nipples, skin allergies, sunburn, skin infections, disinfection, anti- bacteria, acne scars, shrink pores, redness, soothing,moisturizing, mental fatigue, and refreshing the spirit.

       Precaution : do not use,if you are allergy to vinegar and peppermint. 

I remember during  1-4th try , my body specific area feel really itchy. i am not sure is it because of the detoxification as Instruction mention. After 5th try and so on, My skin Doesnt feel itchy anymore , and thanks to its peppermint ingredients ,This soap did refresh my skin ,bringing the cooling sensation to me especially hot wheather day.

Since this soap can use for wash hair, face,body skin. Thus , bring this soap for your vacation will be good choice. 

For long term using, this soap will be more ideal if i just use it on my body skin , since the moisture level of soap is average. however if i use it for hair  , i found my hair condition will become dry.

i found the soap surface will peel off, so if possible , after using, please keep it on dry cool area.
 one soap cost forRM19.90 , can last for three week for me.

Thnks for your reading, 

If you interested to find out more information and their latest roadshow location,

Can visit their  Facebook

to order can contact or whatsapp +6010-2323484




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