Friday, 10 July 2015

Review: Silky girl Matte fever lip colour balm

Silky girl Matte fever lip colour balm is a new product. I have been wanting to try it out since I first saw it on Facebook. :)

when i finally get one pieces of it. I really can't wait to try it on my lips xD . 
The colour code i try is "desire " , The colour is quite vibrant it reminded me those Korea branded lipstick also have similar vivid ,sharp colour.

I was so happy to found , it really  much  easier to apply if compare with normal lipstick . it just like a lip crayon. texture is neither too dry nor too creamy. 

It will be good if apply colourless lipbalm first and then follow with the  silygirl matte fever lip colour balm . My appearance  look More  natural and moisturize .

It can last for three hours or longer if i doesn't manage eat any food.or wipe it off.

The price is quite affordable, regular price only RM22.90 per pcs. 
Introductory price RM19.90 .

The only cons I found is , it have no water resistance , I test it on my hand and rub it off ,it quite easily fade off.

 I do hope silky girl matte fever lip color balm got more colour option, such as natural coral colour or pink colour as well . :) 

Overall, I am satisfy with it. And I hope I can get more natural colour collection in near future . :D

Thanks for your reading, it was just two cents of my thought :)


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  1. OMG I love these too!! You should try the red colour! Gorgeous!!!