Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Beauty review: Skinsoul Natural Volume Attack Mascara ( updated )

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It's been long time I doesn't bringing any beauty post to you xD , for the period i seems missing actually i still work hard as a Beauty blogger :p Since i need some time given for trying the effectiveness of skin soul natural volume attack mascara  . The reason why this mascara did stir up my interest is I wanna having a doll -like  curly lashes . I believe every gal does :) 

Before apply it, I looking for skin soul product booklet. It state 

Skin Soul  Natural Volume attack Mascara 's benefit including: 

1) 100% Paraben and prostaglandin free

2) Zero Use of hair growth chemicals that can cause blurred vision

3) Organics , natural mulberry extract that nourishes, strengthen, and curls lashes,

4) Visibly grows and thicken lashes in 8 weeks ( proven result ) 

5) Voluminous coating that lengthens, curls and define lashes from tip to top .

My understanding is skinsoul  is trying to telling  us that they are using the natural mulberry extract ( with scientifically proven to be rich in polynutrients and vitamin rejuvenates hair follicles,promote hair growth to delivered the result instead of the harmful chemical ingredients . 

Product price is RM206.70 per pcs . Made in Italy .

Today I would like to show you some findings after I try the mascara:

(Before apply the skin soul , my lash actually is quite long already, I wondering how is the effect after I use for one month ) 

I feel comfort when I first try the skinsoul mascara. It actually is just a black mascara with function. I swipe it on my lashes.and i noticed my lashes instant look volume and longer and natural.I touch my lashes, it still consider soft. :p 

The curly effect last for 8 hours ++ 
I remove the mascara residue with oil -based biore make up remover

This is my  14th try picture :)

Tada! Here comes my final result after one month plus ~ two month 

I found my eyelash do look longer , skinsoul mascara is effective on me :)

If you interested to get one or find out more information, 

do visit

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