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A COOLING SUMMER TIME WITH WATSONS Leading Asia Beauty Retailer Introduces Own Brand Skincare Product Range- Water360⁰ by Watsons

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Joyce Chu will be at Watson , Citysquare Johor Bahru for this coming friday 04/12/15  7-8pm , all of you are invited to join the event and share the fun =)

attach here with ( joyce chu x watson ) the official launch of  Water360  event hosted at KL recently =)

Kuala Lumpur, 1 October 2015  Asia’s leading beauty retailer launched its latest own brand skincare product range at a splashing summer theme event as Water360 by Watsons took the center stage.

The product range already introduced across Asia including mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Singapore finally made its way to Malaysian shores with a star studded appearance as Water360 by Watsons collaborated with Malaysian YouTube sensation, Joyce Chu for the launch. Joyce came to limelight when her single ‘Malaysian Chabor’ became a successful hit on YouTube which to date has garnered over 10 million views!

“I feel overwhelm to be invited to partner Watsons’ latest own brand product and launch this together with my latest song. The music video sponsored by Water360 by Watsonswas also shot at one of Watsons store,” said the cheerful Joyce during the chit chat session.

“The collaboration effort with Joyce is ideal as she her success and personality fit well with the brand product. Hence, we are proud to have her on board with us to further strengthen our marketing efforts for Water360 by Watsons as our priority is on digital marketing. Through this collaboration, we are confident to reach even further to our audience with the sponsorship of Joyce music video,” said Danny Hoh, Head of Marketing, Watsons Malaysia at the launch.

Water360 by Watsons is specially formulated with pure, nutrient-enriched natural spring water. It is free from alcohol with a mild pH and dermatologically tested.Water360 by Watsons has its many unique selling points and stands out amongst other beauty product.

The range for Water360 by Watsons uses the quintuple hydrating system, which is French spring water that rapidly hydrates and revitalises the skin. Water360 by Watsons provides the skin hydration for better radiance as it locks in moisture whereby the sodium hyaluronate forms a long lasting protective layer that keeps the skin hydrated and radiant. It also has a five times hydrating effect through the CentellaHerba Extract as it enhances the skin's moisture retention.

Water360 by Watsons other feature is the advanced water droplet technology and hydro-lipid balancing where Polyphenols found in Sugar Kelp Extracts help to maintain the skin's natural oil content. And the Anti-Oxidising whereby Fucoidan-rich Algae extracts improves the skin's resistance to environmental damage, and maintain a healthy and youthful glow.

Water360 by Watsons hero product is the Mineral Spring Water Drop Hydrating Sleeping Mask (sleeping mask) which to date has been sold more than 1.4 million pieces in Asia alone. The sleeping mask has an innovative cream mask formula that transforms into water droplets when applied. The water directly infuses into the skin, providing optimum hydration and acting as a shield to help retain skin moisture.

“I personally used the sleeping mask which is enriched with BlueJojoba particles encapsulated within the hydrating essence to further enhance the mask’s hydrating ability. It is meant to be used overnight, and to be rinsed off the next morning,” shared Joyce during the product testimonial sharing with members of the media and blogger’s community.

Joyce’s collaboration with Water360 by Watsons can be viewed from her latest single music video titled It’s A Long Day. At press time, the music video has already receivedmore than 300,000 views on YouTube. Fans can also check out her V-log entry on YouTube as she shares her product testimonial with Water360 by Watsons.

“We are confident Water360 by Watsons will attain the same success like it has achieved in other countries in the region. The product range is now available at all Watsons store nationwide,” said Caryn Loh, General Manager of Trading, Watsons Malaysia.

Besides the sleeping mask, Water360 by Watsons range includes cleansing toner, cleansing mousse, facial lotion, pre-essence, hydrating mask and soothing spray with retail price from RM8.90 to RM63.

To view for Joyce Chu V-log entry on Water360 by Watsons, please follow this link:
And to view for Joyce Chu music video sponsored by Water360 by Watsons, please follow this link:



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