Sunday, 13 December 2015

Beauty review: Bio oil

Hi all~

My life is getting busy after I start up a JB info pages few month ago, how is yours ? :) Since time is precious, we gotta well manage it and knows  the priority :p 

Well, Today I would like to show you the result I trying bio oil for approximately one month.  Getting know bio -oil from newspaper and Facebook . It seems like a great product, therefore i have always wanted to try it out.

Recently I receive bio oil for review purpose. Judge from the package, it state Bio oil is specialist skincare for scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, aging skin, dehydrated skin. 

  The ingredients including chamomile , lavender , calendula, rosemary oil.I was glad to know that it can apply to face and body too :)

        I pour out some bio oil on my palm, test it on my skin, I like it because bio oil doesn't  stimulate my sensitive skin. :) The oil is not too greasy , for me is acceptable. The skin absorption not so rapid as instruction state   . 

              I have apply bio oil on scar area about one month.

    And found it doesn't have significant changes,  hmm  I wonder is it because  old scar  take time to see obvious result. XD 


*Scent is acceptable , is  mixture of lavender  and powder 

*Not too oil or greasy  , skin absorption average 

Advantages: it doesn't stimulate my sensitive skin.I do apply it for face and body .
                     As my moisturizer of  my dehydrated skin. 

Note: Bio oil is sent by BFF for review purpose. 
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Thanks for your reading, just two cents of my thought .

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  1. I haven't try putting it on scar but it works great to mix with foundation on dry skin. I like it non-greasy :D