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XYLIQUE™ Moor Mud hydration Product Series Review

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Have I ever told you that I have a sensitive skin , therefore I will always seeking for the organic product which free from harmful chemical . And I believe the natural ingredients product will be the best skincare for  me . :) 

Today I would like to introduce a natural source skincare product to you ~ XYLIQUE™ 
(products are made in Canada and fully imported to Malaysia. ) 

Official introduction : 

XYLIQUE™ is completely free of synthetic preservatives, parabens, sulfates, artificial colors and fragrances and petroleum derived chemicals such as PEG, propylene glycol or mineral oil. By combining the revitalizing, purifying and finest natural nutrient rich plant/flower/herbal complex, XYLIQUE™ delivers safe and effective solutions to meet your skin needs. Our products are derived from 100% natural source.

One of the main  ingredients of XYLIQUE™ hydration product series :


Introduction and Photo give credit:

Moor mud is highly detoxifying. The high level of humic acid and other humus substances enables the Moor to both draw out and absorb toxins trapped in the tissues. When we regularly remove toxins from our bodies, it enables us to stay healthy and keep our appearances youthful.

It is anti-inflammatory. Moor mud has been found to calm and sooth inflamed tissues. When the mud is used as a poultice on inflamed joints, the inflammation calms, and the body is better able to heal itself

It contains lignin and bitumen, both of which contain high proportions of phenol substances making it highly antiseptic. The Moor mud is often used as a mask to draw out impurities and calm the inflamed acne skin.

After explaination , I guess you all have a clear picture now :) 

I have been trying xylique hydration series approximate three week. 

Today, Let me share with you my opinion about the product . 

1)XYLIQUE™ Moor Mud Deep Cleansing Bar~( for face)  

Official introduction : Amazing skin natural beautifying Austrian moor mud deep cleansing bar moisturizes and nourishes while gently washing away impurities. Leave skin super soft, smooth and glowing.

Some benefit they claimed: 

·         Skin soothing & calming effect 

·         Cooling effect with feeling refreshed

·         Deeply detoxifying yet gentle facial cleansing

·         Brightens up instantly

·         Purified, vibrant, and younger looking skin

·         Continue improvement over time

Create lather with water and massage gently over face and neck , rinse off with water. 

Kim's Review: very simple packaging ,it  state  60 g size , for all skin type . Open it, inside including two small pieces of soap . (I like this  idea ) :) 

The cleansing ability is function well, while it doesn't dehydrate my skin . Feel refresh and comfortable after using it  , I am glad it doesn't stimulate my sensitive skin . The soap ownself 
Not easily "melt " too.( Unlike some handmade soap, after one week after "melt " and the shape is totally change. ) I seriously think I will buy this cleansing bar again after finish it xD 

2) XYLIQUE™  hydrating  toning lotion ~ ( for dry, devitalized skin) 120ml size 

Official introduction: this cooling, alcohol -free toning lotion contains hydrating and softening botanical extracts that "plump" dehydrated skin.

Instructions : after cleansing, pour the hydrating toning lotion onto cotton pads , and apply on skin. Or spray evenly over face, throat and pat dry . Follow with a XYLIQUE™ moisturizer .

Kim's Review: After wash, second step is using this toning lotion. I reckon because of the green tea ingredients , My skin feel refresh and I was glad it doesn't stimulate my skin . 
I like it doesn't contain artificial preservative .
Bear in mind that , Only three month shelf life once open. 

3)XYLIQUE™  hydrating cream ( for normal / sensitive skin)  50ml size

Official introduction : Combines plant sterols ; extracts of sweet potato (an abundant source of vitamins ), aloe vera , thyme, rosemary and goldenseal,  lavender oil, Moor water, Shea butter
 for deeply hydrate, protect, revitalize skin. 

Instructions: Apply to face and neck after cleansing and toning. Rub between palms before applying for best results.

Kim's Review: The scent smell like heavier lavender scent ,White colour,  Creamy texture, Moisturizing but non greasy . My skin feel comfort with it too. Shelf life once open also 3 mth .

4)  XYLIQUE™ Moor Mud Revival Mask (all skin type) 50ml size

Based on official introduction:  it contain 100% pure  vital moor complex with no added ingredients , deeply nourishes and replenishes skin, for increased suppleness and a healthy , youthful glow.

Ingredients : Heilmoor clay, aqua 

Instructions: mix 1 teaspoon of mask with 1 or 2 drops of water to a smooth paste. Apply directly onto face and neck. Leave on for 3 min. For the first application and gradually build up to a maximum of 10 min with each application. For optimal results use in conjunction with 
XYLIQUE™ cleanser , toning lotion, exfoliant, serum, and moisturizer appropriate for your skin type. 

Kim's Review: 

Personally dislike the  scent , it just like the metal / mineral scent x.x  it belongs to that kind of mask " better avoid speak when put on ".   放了10min 感觉很紧绷 after put on 10min. wash it, I feel my skin look brighter. Shelf life once open also 3 month. 

As a conclusion , using the  XYLIQUE™  hydration product about three week, i noticed the visibly result is my big pore getting smaller than previously.  ^_^ My skin complexion look fairer, smoother and younger :)It helps me for having a beautiful complexion. I was happy with the result. 〜〜 

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