Thursday, 25 August 2016

Japan Fun Box- A box full of candy and snack all the way from Japan Osaka!

Hi all~

I guess most of you love Japan snack and candy,  right ? And how many of you aware that a box that  full of surprise candy can delivered to your doorstop ,   all the way from Japan Osaka?  (≧∇≦)

For me, I Stumple upon on Japan fun box through Instagram , it stir up my great interest when i first saw it and knowing it can shipped to worldwide,  just because i am one of the japan snack lover! 

So I further Proceed to  ,
it shows many attractive snack and details regarding how to get one of it :) 

  Japan fun box can shipped to worldwide , they normally order the candy in bulk from supplier therefore they can guarantee get a lower price and provide the free shipping service to you :) and one more thing, they will chosen latest and limited edition candy as well. 

Subscription process is simple :  

Proceed to , chosen the box you prefer ( three option ) 

After wait for 10~15 days , my parcel reach :D  I feel excited and happy when I saw it finally reached my doorstop ~~

                              From Osaka ~~can't wait to unwrap it :p 

I receive a mini box ( normally will include 5- 7 snack)  , $14.99 per box. Approximately RM60 .

Every month, they have different theme, you can periodically check on their website :) 

Calbee is one of the famous brand for chips . Pizza flavour is not too bad for movie time haha .

I don't usually taken tomato snack, but this one look pretty good and quite tasty . Love it ~:D 

Very unique candy, sour and sweet ,  you should have it a try ~ 

This chocolate is my top favourite among 6 snack , it taste crispy and the chocolate is so yummy ~ 
Really hoping can try one more time xD or buy it at Malaysia ~

If you love Japan  fun Box just like me, besides mini box i receive , there are two more options for you .

           The most popular box is - Normal box $ 32.99 

I would love to get gachapon toy , seems nice xD 

The ultimate goal is this biggest box for sure xD , its more than enough even for serving my whole family :p 

Read until here, I guess you are kinda tempted to own one, :D 
Just proceed to  chosen yours. 

And Follow Japan fun box facebook and instagram to receive latest news : 

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