Monday, 8 August 2016

Review: Jungle Botanics forests leaves cooling shampoo

Hi all~

Recently I received  jungle botanics organic shampoo and conditioner set by Wishtrend for review purpose :) 

After received,  I really can't wait to try it out,  since I am one of the organic product lover =)

You may ask what is jungle botanics

Based on Wishtrend official information : 

We’re from the jungle. 
Jungle Botanics brings you the vitality of the green jungle amidst 
the jungle of concrete by combining advanced technologies with 
superb ingredients direct from Mother Nature. 

Our mission is to replenish natural energy and return balance 
to your skin by using revitalizing elements found in nature, 
and in turn restoring the natural, healthy state of your skin. 

We found our answer in the jungle.

+ Help to cool your heat-irritated sensitive scalp.
+ Perfect for extremely dry and damaged hair.

According Wishtrend website official introduction: 

Cooling breeze from the jungleThe “Forest Leaves Cooling Shampoo” is a hypo-allergenic shampoo that soothes scalps that have been exposed to the harsh summer sun for extended periods of time. The abundance of menthyl capsules help to cool your heat-irritated sensitive scalp. It is as if you can feel the fresh cooling breeze of the jungle. 

Stay cool, Stay safeWe  do not use any harmful ingredients that may inhibit proper scalp health. Instead of using cuticle-coating silicone, we included our own combination natural ingredients and plant extracts, called the AMAZON FOREST COMPLEX. This special formula ensures a healthy scalp and safe hair cuticle conditioning. #siliconefree #phthalatefree 

Volume & Color careThe “Forest Leaves Cooling Shampoo” deeply cleanses your scalp and hair of unnecessary oils that weigh you down, giving your hair an extra boost of volume. Its slightly acidic formula will balance the pH of hair that has been alkalized from perms or color treatments. Use with the “Forest Leaves Warming Treatment” for great effects.

 Volume size :    Cooling Shampoo 250ml
 For All Skin Types :
  Cooling Shampoo for Overheating Scalp, 
  Oily Hair & Scalp, Sensitive Scalp

Mainly Ingredients: variety amazon plants for the ' Amazon Forest Complex ' and peppermint extract for a refreshing scalp care 

 Made in Korea

My hair types: is oily , sensitive , and constantly  using anti- dandruff shampoo one.xD I think this shampoo is really ideal for me since i stay at summer country - Malaysia ..  We do need some cooling sensation to ease the hot weather :p 

Directions: Apply a generous amount of shampoo to your scalp and massage with your finger tips. make sure to rinse throughly by massaging your scalp again as the water runs over your hair.

Kim 's review : Normally, 1 + 1/2  pump of shampoo amount is more than enough for me. Since I am short / medium length hair . :) 

The shampoo 's texture is moisturizing . I personally don't like the scent much. XD  After one try, I found It doesn't stimulate my sensitive  scalp. However,the Cooling sensation is not strong as I imagine  before. Haha. ~  My hair getting smooth after just one try.

After using  two weeks , I adapt to this shampoo. =) it even function better than my previously other brands of organic peppermint hair shampoo xD if you asking me I will continue consume this jungle botanics hair shampoo or not, my answer is : yes :) 

    Pic: Before using jungle botanic hair shampoo 

Pic. : After two week using .

If you interested to purchase / find out more, do check it out : 

Thanks for your reading, and stay tunes to next post . I will share with you the product review of jungle botanics warm treatment :)



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