Wednesday, 7 December 2016


hi all,

Remember last time I receive a joy box from LAZADA? today i gonna tell you which item is my favourite .  :D  and the reason why I love them :p

Pandan flavour instant white coffee from Nescafé - judge from the green colour packaging. it look like malay style beverage xD . My brother told us , this flavour is limited edition one.  O.o  Wow, limited edition~!  It kinda stir up my interest to try it out , everyone love rare and limited edition item, it sounds like more precious , isn't it :p

It was a sweet white coffee infuse with the pandan flavour , taste not bad . Pandan lover might like it too :)

you can click here to find the product =)

A lovely panda from FoodPanda  :) , mostly gal love fury doll, i admit i am one of it :) 
I recalled my past user experience , foodpanda delivery service  is a nice delivery service ,instead of going out ,  met traffic  jam and long queque waited for the food. Foodpanda  will settle all these troublesome job for you, the only thing you need to do is browsing foodpanda website , select the food or drink you want from restaurant cooperate with foodpanda  . And waiting for the food delivered to your doorstop .~ :D 

 The panda doll,  come with a RM10 voucher code : IMPANDA ( min. purchase RM40 ) 

Another useful item from lazada box of joy  ~ Sandisk ultra dual drive m3.0 (64GB  , flash drive for android smart phone )

The drive is very convenience and easy to carry. Hooray ~  Now I found another way to save my photo , and link it to desktop . With 64 GB , I guess I can save a lot of photo ya ~~ :D 

you can click here to find the product =) 

Lastly, just a gentle reminder , the online revolution sales, still ongoing ya ~ make sure to check it out :p

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