Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Review : The Sugary Skin Green Tea Body Scrub ( Sugarscrub for sensitive skin ) !

hi all~ 

did i told you that ,  weekend is the best time for me to enjoy some floral tea ,and i can recharge energy from "happy bathing'' / facial time :p 

I have sensitive skin, therefore i will be more cautious for the brand chosen and  product ingredients . I will prefer organic product / handmade essential oil soap which  free from Paraben and  SLS .

                Photo credit : http://www.facebook.com/thesugaryskin 

After  I using the handmade sugar scrub from The Sugary Skin . Then I realise  sugar scrub is gentle and ideal for sensitive skin user instead of traditional body salt which will stimulate the skin with wound ! 

Based on official introduction, Green Tea Body Scrub  is filled with green tea leaves , green tea has high antioxidant contents with anti- aging effect ! 

product size : 170g

The green tea handmade body scrub I receive is for review purpose =)
product Ingredients include :  green tea, olive oil, fine sugar etc. The body scrub scent is light , open it  up , look  carefully  then you can found the real green tea leaf as well. =)

Just one try,   my skin become smoother and skin surface seems got protection layer. xD  It doesn't dehydrate my skin too. Love this point  :)  I will definitely  recommended to sensitive user :) 

Thanks for the body scrubs sample from thesugaryskin . :) 

for more product info.  kindly  visit : 

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