Monday, 1 May 2017

< CLOSED > Terminal One cafe @ Taman pelangi new product launch: cream cheese icedtea and honey toast

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It's  been awhile I haven't write any food review in English xD ( Mostly , i will updates my jb food review at my mandarin blog  ) . Today   I would like to share with you my wonderful dining experience at Terminal one cafe ( train theme cafe)   @ taman pelangi  :) 

I was invited to review terminal one cafe new dessert honey toast series  and cream cheese tea   :) This is Mango Vanilla Honey toast . We love the toast , it was so soft xD

Chocolate vanilla honey toast ! The portiom is bigger than the mango one xD , about 4 pcs of toast on this plate o.o  It look like very sweet and "evil "  , in fact,  the sauce and fruit, toast is not so sweet. Bread is soft goes with the sauce n icecream simply delicious :D (recommended )

The price is reasonable for such a big portion, four flavour available :) 

I was kinda curious about cream cheese iced tea series , heard people say,  it was a trend in China too xD 

Four flavour available : Cream cheese  ice  earl grey tea , Cream cheese  ice  green tea ,
Cream cheese  ice jasmine tea, Cream cheese  ice Ceylon tea .All of them is not sweet .

     the cheese is quite chick on top of the tea 

   i will prefer refreshing Ceylon tea or jasmine tea. 

    Tada,  Here comes  the last dishes , 

  This whole set temporary is just for gaga apps : 800 point redemption . The train toy we observed really got "smokes " xD 

Currently, terminal one and station one 's I love dessert campaign will extend to 31/05/17 ,
Just upload any honey toast you ordered and you will entitled for 50% off for honey toast ~ 

it is such a good timing , if you wanna "jio " your friends to try terminal one new dessert - honey toast with super value :D 

Terminal one cafe 

地址: No.4, Jalan Serampang,
Taman Pelangi, 80400
Johor Bahru


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