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REVIEW : TouchTM Bird's nest Skincare Firming Activator Serum And Hydro-regenerating Moisturizer

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i believe most of gal  love bird's nest, i admit i am one of them ~ birdnest  is simply delicious and can nourish our skin . it is so-called one stone killed two birds =p

Recently i get to know that  bird's nest actually can blend in to our daily skincare regime as one of the ingredients  and benefit our skin ~~=D   Somemore,   it is suitable for all skin types and 100 %  Natural-Based, Alcohol-Free,  Fragrance-Free,  colorant-free,  Paraben-Free ! it was such a good news for me, since i have sensitive skin ~

 TouchTM  bird's nest Skincare is a brand new product launched by Greencom Biotech Sdn. Bhd.  Greencom Biotech is a Malaysia Biotech company specialized in research and development of bird’s nest essence with their in-house patented technology. 

TouchTM Skincare is formulated by  key ingredient – Bird’s Nest Sialic Acid Glycopeptides (SAGPTM) 燕窝醣肽萃取. awarded with Gold Medal of "Malaysian Innovative Product" at the International Invention & Innovation Exhibition (ITEX) in year 2015. also registered and approved by BPFK, thus it is safe for consumers!

 Bird’s Nest Sialic Acid Glycopeptides (SAGPTM) 燕窝醣肽萃取 mainly function at improve skin's firmness,    water retention and replenish our skin ~~

There are two star/key products  formulated with bioactive ingredient - BirdNest Sialic Acid and more than 10 types of Eco-certified plant-based extracts under TouchTM Skincare , Somemore,  TouchTM Skincare is suitable for all skin types and 100 %  Natural-Based, Alcohol-Free,  Fragrance-Free,  colorant-free,  Paraben-Free ! it is such a good news for me, since i have sensitive skin ~~=)

(i)               Firming Activator Serum  紧致塑颜精华液            
 Benefits  : Improve skin's elasticity, Boost radiance, Anti-aging

product packaging clearly state " how to use "

                                     product's  ingredients 

                       serum is non- sticky , i love this point =)

(ii)              Hydro-regenerating Moisturizer 保湿润肤霜 
             Benefits to skin : Replenish Moisture Level, Refresh and refine skin texture.

apply by dotting around your entire face ( eg: cheeks,forehead , chin ) . Gently press and massage to enhance absorption .

moisturizer is non- greasy type , and nearly scentless =)

KIM'S Review: After testing about  two week , i observed my skin's complexion looking good  , elasticity not bad too =)  Product overall performance  well . I personally love it's mild nature. Both of the product doesn't stimulate my sensitive skin. =D 

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