Monday, 31 July 2017

Red Bikini Bottoms- My Summer Wishlist


Malaysia where i stay is a country , seems like forever in summer.  Especially weather recently is extremely hot ! How I wish I can go beach and enjoy some happy moment with the sea water . At the same time If wearing red bikini bottoms  from Rosegal .
I guess It might be a good choice :p 

 I love this design, my wardrobe never own a beautiful red bikini like this :)  it will be a new breakthrough for me , if i change my style to this sexy swimwear  :p  and most important thing is  -- keep fit in order to looking good :) 

Have i told you that, I am a  jewel lover too ~~ I love all the exquisite and lovely accessory . Almost every month i will restock new jewelry xD . One of my wish list is Butterfly earrings ~~ 
butterfly earrings is simply beautiful and feminine in my eyes, you can refer to example  : butterfly drop earrings with acrylic gem ( light blue ) .

Another wishlist for my wardrobe is light blue stripe dress~~~ lol. . I keep think of 

Will be compatible with the summer hat / Blue butterfly earring ~ This dresses is lovely and suit for young gal , isn't it xD  I love it so much ~~! Hopefully you like it too :p

Thanks for your reading, just sharing with you  two cents of my thought for summer wishlist ,  hopefully can share with you the OOTD i wearing all of them for next blogpost :)

(Note: this is a post sponsored by rosegal )

Stay tunes ! 



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