Tuesday, 29 August 2017


hi all~

Today i would like to show you my second haul from zaful =) , i have a things for sunflower  therefore this time  i also chosen a black colour sunflower dresses =D

 Floral Hollow Out Criss Cross Mini Dress

especially thanks  to my brother being my photographer and edit the photo , my photo become more lively and beautiful XD

                                               A line dress  look slimmer

i love this summer dress design,  true to its size and quality is excellent too =) ( recommended )

you can get it here :


SIXPLUS 2Pcs Dried Flower Embedded Silicone Makeup Sponges - Pink

this silicone make up sponges is absolutely lovely right  ~~can't stop looking at the dried flower inside it XD, my friend told me  it is ideal for apply liquid foundation =D gonna try it out soon ~!

Product link: http://www.zaful.com/sixplus-2pcs-dried-flower-embedded-silicone-makeup-sponges-p_277259.html?lkid=118393

Faux Turquoise Water Drop Alloy Bracelet

the real product i receive exactly same as the online product  picture shown .

                                    this bracelet is quite beautiful ,  i love it =D

Product link: http://www.zaful.com/faux-turquoise-water-drop-alloy-bracelet-p_214677.html?lkid=118393

Uunicorn Makeup Brushes Set - Light Purple

i believe many gals love  rainbow colour brushes , and i am definitely one of  its  fans =)

              the brush set quality is average , i still prefer my shu emura brush set  xD

Product link:

Rhinestone Triangle Circle Earrings - Golden

this pair of earring quite large , when i received it ,  one gem already fell out T.T

Product link:


Teardrop Chandelier Earrings - Blue

                                      good quality and beautiful earring

exactly same as the picture shown on zaful

Product link: http://www.zaful.com/teardrop-chandelier-earrings-p_267997.html?lkid=118393

Rhinestone Snowman Christmas Earrings - Red

            it will be an ideal accesory for chrismas , i received it in good condition.

Product link: http://www.zaful.com/rhinestone-snowman-christmas-earrings-p_229900.html?lkid=118393

Faux Rammel Triangle Choker

My last haul is a choker =D  Simple and nice =D

Product link: http://www.zaful.com/faux-rammel-triangle-choker-p_207706.html?lkid=118393 

thanks for your reading, hope you like it =)



Monday, 28 August 2017


Hi all~,

Do you remember i  wrote a wishlist -red bikini bottoms recently? i just found skimpy bikini bottoms is feature a lovely colourful bikini collection too =) you may take a look , just in case you are looking similar bikini too :) 

Today , I would like to show you the apparel and accesory I received from Zaful 
For review purpose  :)  The shipping is fast within 5 working day from china to Malaysia , since I chosen Kerry express and the item (stated ship within 3 days :D )

Sunflower Print Open Back Cami Sundress - White Xl

I have a thing for sunflower , therefore when I first saw this (sunflower print  dresses  ) on Zaful 
It became one of my must- have item for my wardrobe  xD  

Initially , judge from the online version product photo, i thought it will be perfect being a long length top , rather than a dress . XD After I finally get to try it on , it just nice being A line dresses :p I was surprised  by this exquisite pieces and nice quality :) it is true to the size . 

open back design is simply lovely :D love it ~~

Product link : 

http://zaful.com/sunflower-print-open-back-cami-sundress-p_288737.html ?lkid=117689

Floral Applique Cold Shoulder Romper - Black Xl

This romper is abit baggage , so if you currently wearing Size  US 8 , you may need to chose size US 6 . :) 

                                I love this floral pattern :) 

Product link : 

Simple Steel Mesh Band Quartz Watch - Silver

This watch quite big with Affordable price , this watch 's  real product  is  abit different with the online product photo shown . ( watch pointer I expected is blue colour o.o ) 

Product link : 

              Water Drop Rhinestone Artificial Crystal Earrings - White

Affordable price with average quality artificial crystal  earring 

Look nice , isn't it :)  it is exactly same as online product photo , it might be compatible with ballroom dress :) 

Product link : 

Thanks for your reading , 
More fashion post is coming soon :D 



Sunday, 20 August 2017

My Haul & Fashion Review : rosegal.com

Hi ~

Remember last time i did a wishlist of Rosegal  , and told you i gonna show you the real product soon? After long awaited time  ,today Is the day ya :D  like finally xD 

This is my first time cooperation vs Rosegal . It is a fashion website selling variety of apparel, accessories and ship to international . 

The light blue stripe dress  i eyeing at , no stock at that moment , therefore rather than waiting for restock  , I chosen another light blue stripe jump suit as review item :)  Within 5 days , I received my parcel from rosegal . Delivery is fast .  If you chosen ready stock /  item ship within 3 days and chosen express delivery method  . :) 

This jumpsuit is full of summer feel , the pattern is cute ,apparel quality is average ( polyester)  , and true to the size .  ( the photo taken at m2escape cafe ) 

Off The Shoulder Ruffle Stripe Pants Romper - Blue   $13.34 

Processing Time: This item will be shipped out within 3 business days. 

Product link : 

My anoother haul ! It's absolutely lovely pieces right ~~~ I love the similar fairy wings earring , and this series of butterfly wings earring so much ~!! . 

Initially judges from website product photo  , I thought it will be very ancient or china classic style XD 

Beautiful blue butterfly wings earring goes well with my new blue stripe jump suit :p 
Love it ~

Butterfly Drop Earrings with Acrylic Gem - Light Blue $4.21  

Got two more colour option available :)  I like the pink and mix colour too :p you can get yours too . 

Lol, I kinda feel this dress abit sexy for me. :X I chosen it , because I love this "X " dress design . 

One of the ideal dress for dinner occasion :D 

The quality average ok, and true to the size . Look slim too lol . Just the strape is abit longer, need to crop it out .

Halter Vintage Criss Cross Pin Up Dress - Red   $25.79 

( other colour option : Deep blue / Black ) 

Product link : 

Hope you  enjoy my post and the haul I show you . :) More fashion post Is coming soon :D