Wednesday, 16 August 2017

New Sports We Can Dig In SEA Games 2017

SEA Games 2017 is in town, Ladies and Gentlemen ~~! Oh hold up, the name changed for this year’s event, so let’s rewind the whole thing again. KL 2017 is in town, ladies and gentlemen xD ! Yup, the awesomeness vibe is raining down, can you feel it? So, for all those newbies out there that have no clue what sea games you’ve been hearing about quite so often about, it's my pleasure for telling you. The SEA Games is a Southeast Asian Games that happens every two years with participation from 11 nations; Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Timor-Leste and Vietnam. Opening ceremony will fall on 19/08/17 , while closing ceremony will be on 30/08/17 .  Yes, I did my homework, guys. XD 
So, this time around, there are 38 sports competing for the Golden throne - see what I did there? I’m not gonna  to list all of them, don’t worry, BUT, there’s another highlight for this year’s 29th Kuala Lumpur 2017. There are 6 new sports competing this year and winter sports is one of them - or three to be exact. So, if you are crazily into watching these new sports live, you might wanna book a flight ticket to sea games, like now! Did you know that Traveloka is one of the official sponsors for KL 2017? Now, you can imagine what crazy deals you can get, right? :)

Ice Hockey
If you are a fan of the Mighty Ducks, you will for real be hyped in knowing that Ice Hockey will be competing in this year’s Games. From what I gather, for Ice Hockey, there will only be one category in play, which is the Men’s Team. Our host party’s very own team is competing as well, alongside Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand teams. So, you can be on the lookout for these teams to bang helmets against each other.
Figure Skating
Winter is so in right now! The Figure Skating is putting out two categories; Men’s Individual and Women’s Individual. All winter sports match will be held in the Empire City Ice Arena in Damansara Perdana (mark your Google maps!). Some of the highlights I managed to dig up is on Bunthoeurn Sen and Mayor Neng from Cambodia, Michael Christian Martinez from the Philippines and Cheyenne go from Singapore. They are widely praised for their precision and techniques. Get your placards ready to support your favourite figure skater!
Short Track Speed Skating
There is a total of 6 categories in play for this year around, that is Men’s and Women’s 1000m, 500m and Relay 3000m. The Short Track Speed Skating gives you speed, ice and visually entertaining. You can keep an eye out on the hopeful athlete for this  Eg: Lucas Wg from Singapore, Wong De-Vin and Ariff Rasydan Fadzil from Malaysia. I got a six sense that winter sport is going to be an interesting match to watch.

This popular sport in India is making its way in SEA games arena, guys. If you enjoy the suspense and thrill of cricket, you will be pleased to know that there will be 3 categories in place for this sport; Men’s Team 50 over, Men’s Team 20 Over and Women’s Twenty 20. Keep an eye out on Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, Myanmar and Indonesia because rumour has it they are going to put on a thrilling game. Worth the watch, mate!
what do you think? Cool, right? I think there’s something to look forward to for this year’s Games. Oh, speaking of Traveloka, I have birds telling me that they will be opening contest and deals for y’all. Keep an eye out and who knows? You might be able to set your eyes on the prize. :D 

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