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Food Review : Friendscino Pelangi Shell Out Seafood Feast and On-going Promotion

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It's been a while i doesn't visit Friendscino Pelangi JB  ,  I recall my last visit to Friendscino in MAY 2017-  JACOB 'S CREEK red wine's tasting . (Click here to read my review   =D  ). Today i come together with my blogger friend jiaying. Our main task is tasting the On -going promotion food and share our experience with you ~~ =D

In case , you haven't heard Friendscino before,  let me brief it again =)

Friendscino Background ( According Official Introduction )

Friendscino – Cultivate from the abbreviation "Friends, Culture Is Not Optional". Friendscino Restaurant & Darts Bar was founded in 2010 where its first outlet in Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya. This high energy ambient Restaurant offers an extensive western cuisine that suitable for family, groups, corporate event, and private parties. With additional of Darts Zone, Friendscino turns it Restaurant into the best entertainment bar by nightfall with the wide range of best chilled beer in town, the restaurant turns into the most preferred bar to spend the evening. For those who love something strong, we provide a wide range of Pernod Richard spirits from entry to the high level and a craftsmanship choice of classic cocktails. “Eat, Drink, Darts, Repeat” has been the newest slogan that truly represents Friensdcino. Since than Friendscino has been expanding throughout whole Malaysia where we have six outlets in central Malaysia, one in the northern region and one in the southern region of Malaysia. With another 3 more confirmed outlet to be expecting in the year 2018.

haha , one of the promotional item is shell out =) , I love its slogan - get your hands dirty =p


Friendscino Pelangi JB 's environment  is cozy  ,  the decoration still in festive mood . I love its nice ambience . its really a good place to hang out with friends and have a drink at night =)

Friendscino Pelangi JB  Main Feature includes:

14 x VsPhoenix darts machines, Karaoke room, 2 x VIP area, live performance, indoor projector, ready stage.

                                        Photo  edited from:    After Crazying

                                Photo  edited from:    After Crazying

                                  Photo  edited from:    After Crazying


  Every night 9pm-12am, Friendscino Pelangi JB will have live band performance. Therefore you can  having drink with friends and enjoy the live band performance at the same times. =)

                               Photo  edited from:    After Crazying         



   Darts Machine , its boy and gals all time favourite =p  , it getting popular within these few years in JB . 

         Besides darts , you can play pool at here too  =)  fantastic right?

After introduce the environment, entertainment section, here comes the most important section for foodies =p

Promotional  Food Items:

Bistro Bites Platter -
This platter is perfect as an appetizer . Combination of onion rings, fries, sweet potato fries and chips !  I will prefer the crunchy onion ring,  and tasty sweet potatoes fries . =)  their original taste  is good enough even doesn't dip in any sauce =p

Shell Out -  

Wanna have a seafood feast for two ppl serving ? With RM99 ++ only?  You can try Shell out - 

Got two sauce option, one is hot and spicy,  another one is creamy cheese .

We chosen creamy cheese sauce =)  The combination of tiger prawn,  Japan la-la,  dory fish,  salmon, (natural salty) bamboo clam, Squid and vegetables salad,Corn.  I enjoy the whole feast,simply delicious !  it serve with two plate of rice some more xD . For crab lover , you  just  need to top in RM50  for enjoy it  .

Raclette Cheese Bistro Bites

- Rich layers of Raclette Cheese from  Switzerland  is the main focus.  X 3 dishes : 

1) Baked potato with chicken ham and cheese sauce  ,  delicious, I love it! 

2) Crunchy baguette (French bread)  goes with grilled wild mushrooms spread,  beef bacon,  truffle oil , yummy !  It does surprise me!
 ( recommended)  

3) Seafood Egg roll with seaweed and tortilla corn 

All-time favorite Ala Carte Items includes:

1.   Australian Striploin Meltique Beef 
The taste is average,  next time I would love to try medium rare steak.  =) 

2.   ( Appetizer)  
 Fresh Salmon Trout Carpaccio 

Thin layer salmon + cheese slice ,  very tasty and refreshing.  ( Recommended)  

After having so many food, we really getting thirsty , i will prefer non -alcoholic drink for lunch =)

All-time favorite Beverage Items: (Non - Alcoholic beverages)   :

Cranberry Crush - A vibrant colour drink with Sour Sweet taste.  =)

Asam Boi Lime Mojito

Kinda sweet and strong taste of sour plum . Very tasty and refreshing !  
 We gonna eat alot of  cheesy and heavy food.  So these two drink will be ideal for us It also suitable for Hot summer days , Let's imagine you sitting at beach bar ,  holding it and enjoy the sea view and drink.  What a Wonderful thing , right!  

thanks to Friendscino 's food arrangement  and  excellent services =) , i have a wonderful food exploration at here =)

if you interested to try it out  their tasty food , can make a visit to 

Friendscino Pelangi JB 


Friendscino Pelang J.B

Operation Hour:

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