Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Gamiss Valentines Day Promotion ( Sponsored Post )

Good day babes :) ! February is almost here and what does it mean?  14TH is Valentine’s Day!!! Yessss! I really get in love with those Valentine decoration in shops and restaurants , its extremely lovely :) One of the popular questions people around you gonna to ask : what is your outfit for the valentine day xD . If you don't have any idea yet . Don’t worry, you may find it in this valentine 's guidebook which featured Gamiss valentines day 2018 incredible promotions : . This guide is gonna to be focused on three different Valentine’s plans , so you can find the perfect look for every occasion:
  1. Black x Red Combination :  
There’s a theory that wearing black  and red, will makes one looks more sexually attractive. Men and women in red or black are perceived by women as having higher status than men who aren't wearing or near red. You are gonna to have a romantic date with your boyfriend.
You can try to wear a piece of item in black colour. This color isn’t only flattering on any skin tone but also symbolizes confidence.

2. Sisters and Valentines:
Valentine’s day is the perfect day to meet your sister and go to lunch with a two pieces outfit, one for you, polka dot crop top and circle skirt: and another for your sister, faux pearls scalloped top and bodycon skirt:

3.  Single special party:
Another good idea is -- go out with your friends!!!
if you’re single or in a relationship that has just started , wearing pink or any piece of clothing with a touch of pink might be ideal for you :) . Brighter pinks are youthful, fun, and exciting, and romantic ~

I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Enjoy it :)




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