Monday, 16 April 2018

Explore Singapore : Garden By the Bay (Sakura -Flower Dome )

Hi ~

It's been two years , I was thinking to explore the Gardens by the bay Singapore , because I am one of the Sakura lover. Every March - early of April , Flower dome of Gardens by the Bay , will be full of variety beautiful Sakura. This year I heard it hits 23 -24 species o.o . Somemore , this is the first time sakura flower dome got Sakura fair with foods stall, yukata rental . ~~

So , I chosen a long weekend ( Saturday ) entered Singapore , surprisingly , there is not crowded as normal  weekend  :)  it's not difficult to go Gardens by the bay,
Reaching MRT Kranji ---> MRT Marina Bay ( spent me  one hours ++, 20 plus stop lol. ) 

Change route

MRT Marina Bay -->  MRT Bay Front ( one stop only, 
quite near to Gardens by the bay , just follow the people , will reach the destination soon ) 

The ticket is online purchase one, it cost $18 for SG Pr ( flower dome + cloud forest ) , Foreigner should be around $ 25 ++ 

I visited cloud forest , and then proceed to Sakura flower dome :p 

Since there are crowded , It takes time to the flower dome - (Indoor )sakura fair area  ) ,   yukata  rental is abit costly $20 for each people , one gals and me is waiting about 20min , in order to get a nicer yukata lol. I end up chosen the pinky yukata :) luckily , it suit me :p 

     Have to taken ootd in a super duper fast , its getting crowded even its about 1pm .  

                          Weather is Not too hot, because  just nice that time is cloudy :D 

                                        I love this photo :D 

             Guess this japan dolls , is photographer ownself bring one  xD 

                                                 Lovely bow :p 

This is a free photo session , exclusively for the people who rented  the yukata . Organiser will free one instant print photo for you.  Organiser will charge you $5 per pcs, for the people interested to take photo but doesn't rent their yukata :) 

Overall, i am satisfied for the sakura flower dome trip , Looking forward for next year Sakura Fair !
If you interested to buy the online ticket or check out more updated  information,
do proceed to gardens by the bay website =)




  1. That is so lovely, i never thought there is a place in Singapore where you can see beautiful cherry blossom ..