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Ramadan Buffet Review : Bufet Citra ala Bazar @ Pulai Spring JB

Hi all~~ 

Today , I would like to share with you,  Pulai Spring's Ramadan Buffet Review 2018 -
 Bufet Citra ala Bazar =) 

Thanks for the Ramadan Buffet media preview invitation from Pulai Spring Resort ~    therefore I can come along with JDT blogger Friends and enjoy the food tasting session together =D

The Ramadan Buffet is hosted at  Gleneagles Terrace Restaurant of Pulai Spring Resort. 

            Reaching the Gleneagles Terrace Restaurant about 7pm :)    

The  ramadan buffet 's banner displayed  in front of the restaurant :) 

         Here comes my JDT bloggers fren Aida , they are reaching earlier :) 

                                             Mialiana  and me 

                                                 Sislin and me 

When I first walk in,   Gleneagles Terrace Restaurant's   cozy environment and nice ambience just capture my heart !  it is such an ideal place for family /fren gathering and chitchat  !  =D 

This year,  Pulai Spring  represented -- Bufet Citra ala Bazar ( 19/05 /18 to 13/06/18 ) Feast of local and international cuisine ,over 15 food stalls,  and both indoor and outdoor buffet displays to select and savour their favourite Ramadan delights. 

More than 100 dishes  must- have buka puasa dishes prepared by the Senior Sous Chef Rusle Ahmad and skilled chefs. From starters to desserts,seafood,meat,middle eastern, Chinese,  western food, soups,  salads,  pickles,  BBQ, hot and spicy dishes prepared on the spot with 6 rotational menus Everyday  !  

Main highlight dishes : including authentic Kelantanese dishes, 
Kambing Kuzi , Adam Pedas Johor,  Sup Power,  Laksa Johor,   Pizza,  Kacang Pool,  Sup tulang merah,  Durian Goreng,  Coconut Shake (popular dessert in Melaka)  and more ~~ 

      kampung kuzi with briyani rice , yummy =)   

                               Dessert ~~~ Sweet tooth 's paradise  xD 

                  GM of Pulai Spring and the Senior Sous Chef Rusle Ahmad

Among of the variety food ,   my top favourite is  murtabak ! (I still can RMB how tasty it was and it's savoury sauce!  Delicious  ! I refill twice 😂  no joke xD )  , for dessert,  non- sweeten whipped cream fruit cake 🎂 has won my ♥ heart! Love it!  =p

And Asam Pedas ( eye catching fresh fish served on the spot ) ,  not too spicy,  goes well with rice .  :) 

I love meat and kampung kuzi with briyani rice  too =)   

Thanks for having us, we do enjoy the media preview session :)

If you interested to try those tasty dishes we having here  , can buy the advance purchase voucher ~ it will save more money for you~~ 

19/05- 13/06 /18 ) Buffet Citra  Ala Bazar

 RM108 per adult ,
 RM54 -per child 

( 9+1 : 9 paying adults,  1 dine in  Free) 

Advance Purchase Vouchers : 

Pre purchase vouchers 
From 1 April to 10 May 2018
Save up to 
Rm18 per person 
Only RM90 (adult)  RM45 (child)  
(dine in from 19/05-13/06/18, not applicable with any other offers & promotions ) 

1st Week special 

Dine during the first week of Ramadan ( walk- in without vouchers)  and save up to 
Rm23 per person. 

Rm85 ( adult)  
Rm43  ( child)  

( Not applicable with any other offers & Promotions)  

Prayer Room (Surau)  available 
And Free Parking. 

* all menus are subject to change,  menu rotates daily.  
*All prices inclusive of 6% GST 

For Reservations, ☎ contact 
Whatsapp (MS. Nardia )  : +6017-7455776
Email :



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