Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Ramadan Buffet Media Preview : Berjaya Waterfront Hotel JB - WarisanSajian Ibunda

Hi all~~ 

Recently i  have been visited Berjaya Water Front Hotel for media preview of their 2018 Ramadan buffet - '  Warisan Sajian Ibunda '   . Thanks for the media preview invitation from Berjaya Waterfront hotel ~~ :D  

Today , I would like to share with you,    The photo and food taken on that day :) 

The Ramadan Buffet 's media preview session is hosted at  level 6 Ballroom  .  It started at 7pm plus . 

                                photo credit : carinn

  This "kampung"  feel  backdrop is created for the Ramadhan,  I love it very much . :D  How thoughtful of the Berjaya waterfront hotel were =) 

Carinn , and Me look cute in baju kurung, isn't it =p  

                                     photo credit: carinn

                                     Carinn , Ariq , and Me =D

                                           photo credit: Sis LIN

                                                   SISLIN AND ME 

            Besides , "Kampung" backdrop , i think this camel decoration is another ideal place for OOTD ( outfit of the day ) =D

Berjaya waterfront hotel is delighted to announce their ' Warisan Sajian Ibunda ' by bringing back original fares that are set to delight food lovers . This year , the master chefs of Berjaya waterfront led by Executive Chef Jamaluddin Sadikum will feature traditional recipes that were taught by their mothers :

highlights of their signature dishes are. -- Soup Gear Box and Kambing Golek.  They offered 200 varieties of mouth -watering authentic local dishes eg.  kerabu ulam kampung, otak-otak , satay, Ikan sumbat, gulai ayah kampung,Ketupat,lemang and many more. 


           ketupat go well with the sambal , simply delicious. You gotta try it out ~

    When carinn and I  first walk in the ballroom,  we were surprised  by the thoughtful arrangement by Berjaya waterfront  hotel . It's really beyond our imagination, before that we never know the ramadan buffet can be so ''grand '' ~! ^^

Besides , Beautiful OOTD Backdrop and Variety food selection will be served , what you can expect  from  the  Berjaya Waterfront Hotel JB - WarisanSajian Ibunda is lively melodies of Malay traditional musicGhazal,zapin, and kuda kepang will be performed  throughout the Ramadan month too . =)

     I enjoyed  the music performance =)  It is simply relax when having tasty food with the beautiful music =D

        GM of Berjaya Waterfront hotel (the blue shirt guy beside me ) ,JB bloggers , and BERJAYA WATERFRONT PR  =) . 

               goreng goreng, i love the fried cempedak ~ yum!  =D

             Seafood ~! Got Crab somemore, I forgot to  take the photo XD

                                         Nasi Kerabu

   Dessert~!  Sweet tooth and ladies 's favourite corner~!

               the dessert ( in cocktail glasses ) is delicious =) my top favourite among of them .

   too bad i doesn't managed to  try the fruit tart, it's gone very fast XD


We were satisfied with the majority of main course 's taste . Thanks for having us , We do enjoy the media preview session =)

If you interested to try the food  too , 

Berjaya waterfront hotel Ramadan buffet :

will be available from 630pm-10pm . 

Early bird promotion 17 May 2018 to 13 June 2018 at RM50nett for adult 
RM66nett for adult from 24/05-13/06/18  , children is RM44 nett. 

Dun miss the chances to grab the cheaper fare , Original price is RM88 ~!

For reservation / Any Enquiry , call 07-2219999 ext 6316 

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  1. Yes..You and Carin look cute and nice in baju kurung..i love it!

  2. fall in love with udang masala.btw, carin & u look very nice in baju kurung.
    Janji Kita

  3. Jom this Ramadan we eat here. I'm looking forward to kambing golek, and dessert buffet, again!

    1. Bila? Want to buy early bird voucher?