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Do you love indian food? If you do, then this  post is dedicated to you =D
Today i would like to show you , the delicious indian food i having at the media preview session of Double Tree Hotel Johor Bahru By Hilton =)

Makan Kitchen's Little India featuring Chef Rajendra , represented the authentic indian cuisine from North India =D

Mostly ,  Northern Indian cuisine has more ginger or garlic and uses mustard oil to cook. The differences between Northern and Southern Indian food is

Northern Indian food are sweeter and  creamier while southern Indian food are usually spicier.
So , as a conclusion  Northern Indian = creamy, southern Indian = banana leaf rice style  =D

                                                   This is Chef Rajendra ( from North india ) ^^  , 

Assorted naan bread ( he holding) - E.g: garlic naan and cheese naan. Eaten with mint sauce, cucumber raita, lime and onion ring, mango chutney and  papadom .


                      SaladsCHANA Onion Salad ( cooked with masala and some spices brinjal salad  ; Aloo Chat (  potatao salad , chickpea salad )

                          thanks for the good photo , taken by JDT Blogger Uyul   =)

                                                                  Dhall Tadka

                 made with chickpeas, also northern Indian style, therefore  it will  taste sweeter ^^

                  One of my favourite dishes =D  Not salty and full with meat =p I love this meat ball~!

                                                             Salmon Tandoori

   Marinated with yoghurt, ginger garlic paste, tumeric powder, garam masala . It taste good =D

                                                                 Lamb Biryani

           It cooked with  basmati rice ( long grain rice ) so will be more fragrant  =)

For our better understanding , Chef Rajendra further explained  each dishes 's  ingredients : 

Lamb Kofta Curry - cooked with onion gravy, ginger and  garlic paste.  Panner Kadai - cottage cheese cooked in milk, yoghurt, onion gravy, tomato gravy. Chicken Makhani - Chicken chop marinated with  mint chutney, grilled chilli paste.

Squid Pakora ( One of My favourite dishes )  - Cook with  dhall, chilli powder, tumeric, salt . yummy, must try =p 

thanks for the clear explaination of Chef Rajendra  =)  , i guess all of us having better understanding towards indian cuisine from now on. =)

We having the dessert Rice Kheer to ended our media preview session  =D

Overall, i do enjoyed  the indian cuisine served  =D , they are tasty and mild spicy level =)  I guess you will enjoy it too =) Tempted to try it out ?  Do explore by yourself ~! =D

Makan Kitchen's Little India
Featuring Chef Rajendra

1st - 31 st  July 

6.30PM -10.30PM  . 

RM102 NETT per adult

Direct (607) 268 6722 | Tel (607) 268 6868 | Fax (607) 268 6888

DoubleTree by Hilton Johor Bahru


  1. Yes..all the menu sangat sedap! Enjoy the food so much! ..

  2. All of these dishes look so delicious, reading this has made me so hungry! I dream of visiting India and trying the cuisine :D following you on GFC! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (I would love to follow each other on bloglovin if you like :D)