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Beauty Review : Natural , Vegan friendly and Paraben Free Wholesome Bodycare

Hi all~ if you noticed my previous beauty blogpost, i having sensitive skin, therefore i will prefer organic and natural  bodycare and bath care =D 
Therefore, i really getting excited , when  , a NATURAL, VEGAN FRIENDLY, CRUELTY FREE AND PARABEN FREE WHOLESALE BODYCARE Website 

invited  me for their product review ~!

thanks to , i get to try these 3 lovely soap =D

Raggysha Green Tea Soap - (Avocado Oil, Lime, Eucalyptus) RM12 each

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Based on official introduction from :

  Enriched with avocado oil that penetrates into the deep skin tissue, nourishing and revitalizing the skin; the green tea soap is a wonderful way to get the anti-bacterial and skin-beautifying properties of green tea as part of your daily bathing ritual. Green Tea has been known to carry rich antioxidants to protect your skin from signs of aging and the damaging effects of free radicals. Clean your skin like never before with a rich lather of Green Tea Soap that will leave your skin feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and nourished. 
Scent : scented with Eucalyptus and Lime essential oils for their stimulating refreshing scent and skin-purifying properties. 
Texture: rich, thick and creamy lather. 

 Skin Feel: refreshed, purified, softened. Skin Type: suitable for all skin types | beneficial for oily/blemish-prone skin. How to use: please keep your soap dry between uses. Ingredients : green tea infused water, *olive oil, *sustainable palm oil, *coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, *avocado oil, *cocoa butter, castor oil, lime extract, *green tea leaves, green clay, essential oil blend. (*certified organic) Each bar weighs 175 grams (6.15oz)   

Kim 's Review:  Personally, i don't really like the soap's  scent much xD ,  but i do love this soap 's texture , its easily to lather, quite moisturizing . I am  using  green tea soap to clean my face and body, and it doesn't dehydrate my skin =D   
love it =)  

ENDLESS LOVE - Lavender Soap   RM12 
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Based on official introduction from :

Our All Natural, Handmade, Vegan Lavender Soap is made with Saponified Olive Oil, coconut Oil, Lavender Buds with French Lavender Essential Oil Lavender is a healing herb that has been used for centuries to make soaps. Lavender can relieve anxiety, create feeling of well-being and stress relief. This wonderful soap can promote a sense of relaxation. It can be beneficial to use lavender soaps before bedtime to promote a deep sleep. 

Our soaps are more than "JUST SOAP", because the ingredients we use are premium quality ingredients, so it turns the already moisturizing soap bars into specialty soaps designed to do more for your body than just clean. All of our soaps are carefully handmade with high-quality, luxurious oils, essential oils & herbs. This soap will produce an amazing lather and your skin will feel clean and pampered - not stripped and dry, without using too much. Our handmade soaps are crafted using the traditional hot process method with at least 80% olive oil and all of our essential oils are from 1st distillation. Our soaps are made in small batches and we cut them by hand so sizes and weights may vary. Each bar normally weighs around 4.6 oz (130g). Please be aware that the color of the bar you receive may differ slightly to those shown in the pictures. ...........................................................................................

lavender soap 

Ingredients: Saponified Olive Oil, coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Lavender Buds with French Lavender Essential Oil

KIM'S Review :  lavender soap is quite thick , i like its greyish purple colour =D 

           I have eczema and sensitive skin , Since Lavender is good for eczema. That's the reason why  I feel relaxed and  ultra comfort with it.  It can apply to whole face and body skin, very useful =)     I like lavender soap 's scent too , smell good and calm my spirit =)

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Our All Natural, Handmade, Vegan Bouquet of Roses Soap is made with Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Rose Buds & Rose Geranium Essential Oil Roses are proven to offer beauty-enhancing benefits. This iconic flower specifically does beauty wonders on the skin. This soap will help rejuvenate and replenish skin and also works well with emotions. It has been known to treat bruises and stress.

Initially,  i thought it will be a pinky soap, since this is a rose soap haha, but the actual product  i received is brown colour.

Kim's Review: i am using rose soap as my hand cleanser  , the cleansing ability of the soap is average ok . RM12 is an  affordable price too =) Tooth Polish

                                                                        RM 25 each
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Based on official introduction from :

Naturally lighten and buff your teeth while strengthening enamel and detoxifying your mouth with our best selling Tooth Polish.


 This Polish will: ɷ Naturally whiten and polish your teeth up to two shades lighter ɷ Detoxify the mouth to freshen your breath ɷ Protect the teeth's enamel ɷ Promote healthy gums

Steam Activated Coconut Charcoal and Organic Australian Clay naturally removes toxins, stains and plaque from your teeth through a process called adsorption, in which the two ingredients bind with these particles to help you flush them out of your teeth and mouth.

How do you use it? - Dip a wet toothbrush into the polish powder. Very gently brush in small circles on your teeth for two minutes. Spit it out carefully, rinse, then brush with your everyday toothpaste. - A less messy option is to put your everyday toothpaste on your brush prior to dipping into the polish powder. This has been a proven winner for less black chaos and no second brushing after using the polish. - For best results and maintenance, use every day before bedtime in conjunction with your everyday teeth cleaning regime. This will allow residue, if there is any, to dislodge overnight. Our 100g pack has enough polish powder for 180 days use. What's in it? Steam Activated Charcoal Powder derived from Coconuts, Organic Australian Bentonite, Sodium Bicarbonate, Organic Stevia powder.

KIM'S Review : ( using it after two weeks) 

After comparison, i realized the tooth polish powder is work ! It effectively whiten my yellow teeth XD  i will continuing using it =D 

RELIEF Roller      RM15 

Based on official introduction from

When you need relief, this roller bottle will be your best friend.   Best used during your monthly cycle, this oil blend will help to relax your muscles, balance hormones and relieve cramps. This blend is also PERFECT for the laboring mama to progress labor, improve focus and tame nausea. Keep this one ready to go in your hospital bag! Great for midwives and doulas to have on hand to assist a laboring mama! *Not safe for use while pregnant*

 **For external use only. This product has not been evaluated by the KKM and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, Please Research all Herbal Products thoroughly**

  10ml amber glass roller bottle


Fractionated Coconut Oil: soothing, healing, moisturizing Clary Sage Essential Oil: balances hormones, soothes nerves, calming, stress relieving, may help advance labor Ylang Ylang: Essential Oil: Improves concentration, releases tension, calming, may help advance labor Fennel Essential Oil: estrogen-like, analgesic, may help advance labor Lavender Essential Oil: relaxant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic Peppermint Essential Oil: pain-relieving, helps mental focus/concentration, anti-nausea Helichrysum Essential Oil: anti-inflammatory, improves circulation Only high quality and therapeutic grade essential oils used. To Use: Apply to lower back, abdomen and feet during monthly cycle to help ease symptoms OR during labor to help relax, progress labor, and manage pain.

Kim's Review: 

i will apply it whenever i feel  discomfort, roller 's scent  does calm my sprit, But it won't directly dissolve my dizzy problem .


Honey Trap

KIM'S REVIEW : Honey strap Lips scrub is Using sugar as natural exfoliater  , 
My lips 💋 become smoother after exfoliate.  

If you would like to check it out the product catalogue and information ,

thanks for your time to read the post ,


see you ,



Disclaimer:  Kim's review part is my personal experience towards the product . 
However, product 's official introduction , information ,details , price, ingredients is based on website stated  .

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