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Did  you know   NELAYAN SEAFOOD BY THE COAST RESTAURANT @  TUNAMAYA BEACH AND SPA RESORT DESARU COAST  is turning one years old~ Today is  their 1st anniversary   =D    ~!   Happy birthday to Nelayan ~

              Thanks for the invitation, Fellow blogger friends  and me  was having our first food review at Nelayan seafood by the Coast . Haha this is  my first OOTD  taken at Nelayan Seafood by the Coast =D 

Nelayan is debuted on 08/08/2017  as the 4th F & B outlet in  TUNAMAYA BEACH AND SPA RESORT DESARU COAST  , the restaurant specializes in popular local seafood dishes prepared by  Head Chef, Chef Fatt and his team with all - time local classics eg: salted egg yolk crab, steamed white clams with garlics and more .

                                                         Ashley ( Right hand side ) and Me 

                                                         Happy media gathering =) 

let's see which dishes  we gonna review =p

Menu served

 Deluxe Combination Platter

Hong Kong Styled Steamed Red Snapper

 Cereal Lobster

Braised Seafood Soup with Beancurd Cube

Brocolli & Mushroom

Crispy Roasted Chicken

Lotus Leaf Rice

Longan Sea Coconut

Premium Chinese Tea

                         Fresh Cocunut,  just nice for soothing my  body heat XD

 1) Deluxe Combination Platter

       Mouth-Watering Deluxe Combination Platter , the flower deco is lovely , isn't it ? =)

                     One of my favourite dishes , it taste like salted egg deep fried chicken  =p

2) Braised Seafood Soup with Beancurd Cube

I  love this seafood soup, its extremely tasty ~~ ^^  and the sweetness is derived from natural seafood =D

3)  Hong Kong Styled Steamed Red Snapper

Red snapper is my top favourite  among of all dishes  xD ,  fresh and tender . recommended !

                    4)   Cereal Lobster

 Such a big portion of Cereal lobster !  look so attractive right ? =p
We used to eat Cereal prawn , however Cereal lobster , i think is my very first time XD 

 5)  Brocolli and  Mushroom

             Variety of mushroom with brocolli , a healthy dishes ,  not salty at all. 

6) Crispy Roasted Chicken

7) Lotus Leaf Rice

                                       Lotus leaf rice is delicious and portion just nice =)  

8) Longan Sea Coconut

Longan Sea Coconut ,  a sweet refreshing dessert before we ended our food review session =)

                     Chef Fatt and the latest seafood menu  we review today , 

( It  Available  from AUG - OCT 2018 )  RM758 ++ for a tables of 10 persons.


Attach herewith the latest promotion  for your reference . 

                                         August onwards - October 2018

         Diners can enjoy all-time local favourites seafood menu at only RM758++ for a table of 10 persons.

From 1st August   to   30th September 2018
Merdeka Platter at ONLY RM61 nett per set

For a full seafood experience, get your naplins ready and indulge in the best succulent and 
 juicy Live Boston Lobsters with Fresh Clams with a choice of Garlic Steam, Black Pepper, Salted Egg Yolk and more.

Enjoy the fresh lobsters at RM98 per piece while fresh clams at RM35 per kilogram.

For reservations and enquiries, please call

+607-8833 8888

Visit their website at

Address: Bandar Penawar, 81930, Kota Tinggi, Johor, Malaysia.


this is the room view from my tunamaya desaru  family suite , a sneak peek for you .=p

thanks for reading the post,

you can continue reading my post at - Room review of  TUNAMAYA DESARU family suite =)

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