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Hi all~~ How are you doing? =) What kind of adventures you have been these past months? So, as we are closing in on the end of 2018, what better way to wrap up this year by an end-year travel ?  I’m sure some of you have all your calendars set up for a much needed holiday away from home. I’ve been planning to visit our neighbouring country and while doing some  flight search for  Kuala Lumpur to Singapore flights  in Traveloka, it hits me, maybe I can squeeze in some travelling 101 entry. In homage to those who have their end-year trip all set out, here are some of the things you wouldn’t  leave it at home when you take your flight =D

                                                              Now,  let the checklist begins ~!

#1: Let’s Cover The Basics

Of course, all the basic stuff needs to be covered before you embark on any journey into the world. When I mention  the basics, I meant the basics you will need it during your trip such as : suitable apparel  .  Eg : If you are backpacking into the jungle or whatsoever, you will need to bring a pair of clothing / shoes that suitable for related environment, setting and climate.  Refrain from bringing unnecessary clothing or wardrobe item that you won’t need it ! Eventually,  you found it will only become your burden and add more weight to your luggage bags only .

#2: Let’s Not Leave That Toiletry Bags, Shall We?

                                                    Picture Source Give Credit to : Loccitane 

I think the worst feeling in the world that might ruin your travelling mood is  , when you forget to bring your toiletries o. O. Surely, you can buy it when you reach your destination, but  imagine if you only consume specific product items from specific brand and they don’t have it there?  XD  terrible feeling right? Therefore,  make sure  all of your hygiene kit are in order .  In oder to  optimizing the space, Just bring the Basic product you will need it .

#3: Your Passport is Your Lifeline

                                                 picture source give credit to  : depop


you may think, “Who the heck would forget to bring his/her passport ?”   I admit I have the same assumptions too sometimes.  However, we can’t escape that moment  during the hype of the vacation and the destination, the mysterious human mind sometimes will  miss out certain important issue. Rather than telling yourself, you’re gonna  remember to take your passport and keep it in your drawer overnight  before go on trip. My advice is try to put all the important documents such as  boarding pass,  passport altogether with hand carry luggage bag . I believe this method will lower down the risk of not to bring the Passport for sure! =) 

#4: Don’t Forget That Health Kit

                                                      picture source give credit to : duocsi

As much important as your passport is, you can never forget the basic medical kits. In case , falling sick at other country or met emergency , you will need it. 

 Even though you might be in good shape, the basic medicine still is a must- have item !  Imagine,  you might get a crazy headache  the second you leaving the airport. Medical kit become  extremely important if you do have specific medical needs that you have to keep in check every once in a while. Like I mentioned previously paragraphs,  sometimes we will getting too excited  and end up forget the most important stuff. 

Just two cents of my thought . There are some  basic items you should never forget whenever you plan to travel, whether you are going for domestic or international travel . Let me know in the comments below if I miss out something or you can share with me your own travel prep routine. We can exchange our view =)

Have a safe trip for your next travel and look out for my next entry!



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