Friday, 14 December 2018

My Althea Chrismas Wishlist

hi all~

Time flies, Chrismas is just around the corner . I have been eyeing some lovely xmas edition stuff  on Althea Korea =D  Let me show you the 10 item  for my xmas wishlist =D

1)  Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum ( Holiday 2018 ) 

Love in first sight with  this chrismas edition Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum , lovely package and it already twice up the size ~~~  Normal size is 80ml , Now is 160ml , and the price is  down too~ only RM118 .!  It is such a great deal, i want it  XD 


As a lipstick lover, i just  can't resist the lovely lipstick  like this XD


,  the product description stated -Glowy tint stick bearing bright and clear color and providing glass-like glossiness on the lips. I would like to try it out ! 

3) Mamonde Rose Water Toner

Mamonde Rose Water Toner is one of the signature product of  Mamonde  , i love its rose scent, it calm and hydrate my sensitive skin  =) .  I would like to restock it , since it is such a good product  with affordable price =D

I have ezcema prone skin , therefore soothing gel eg: aloe vera gel is important for me. Since Rose got calming capability , i would love to try it out   -Mamonde Rose water soothing gel =)

Transparent gel type lipstick with flower ,  i believe majority of gals can't resist it. lipshade is changeable depends on user 's  body temperature . Among 6 type of lipstick , I love the pinky flower most . =D  I would like to take it as one of my lipstick collection =p

Sun Ray is the main cause of skin aging , therefore chosen an effective UV product is  important for ladies .
Althea's Petal Velvet Sunaway got overall function with light texture ( , SPF 50 + PA++++  and micro powder particles, and it is mild , doesn't stimulate my sensitive skin. Therefore i would love to restock this product =D.


Getting know this brand , it's because of 

Jeon Ji Hyun , the actress of korea drama:  The legend of the blue sea. She is wearing Hera 's cushion in this drama. It sounds like a good brand, i would like to try it out =p

                                                          Photo source: google

I got eye bag and dark circle , so sometimes i does  look like a panda =X  It's not a easy at all to cure dark circle problem  I would love to try 


 , since the product description state can brighten the darkness under the eye area ~~I hope it does work on me too XD

 is definitely one of my favourite UV product   ! The water gel based, and mild texture , can apply on face , neck and body . Would love to testock again, hope santa heard my voice XD

Peripera's Mini-mini Peppy's Carrier --  Adorable little suitcase comes  with 5 mini-sized version of Peri Pera's best selling items: Ink The Velvet, Ink The Airy Velvet, Vivid Tint Water, Ink Concealer, Multi Shadowing. Pick from New York (Yellow) or Seoul (Pink).

Such a lovely item, right?  Xmas red lip tint  just won my heart .Would love to have it for this Chrismas~!!

Thanks for reading my Xmas wishlist , =D  And  Wish you a Merry Chrismas in advance =D



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