Monday, 1 April 2019


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Nowadays, I  observed a lot of  people surrounded me is focus on healthy lifestyle  , no matter on food or skin product they using . They tend to eat clean food and looking for the natural skin product without harmful chemical .

If you are one of the natural lover , i guess you will love this product review =)

Recently,  I received  Neem balm from ZM Beauty for review purposes.. Neem balm is ZM Beauty 's latest Natural product . KKM approved , It targeted  on dry and sensitive skin  I have dry and sensitive skin  especially on hands.

Today i would love to sharing about 14 days experience after using Neem balm . =)

Lovely item received from ZM BEAUTY =D

                                      Neem balm is 60 g size 

                         Neem balm's scent is acceptable, and easy to absorb  =)

                     Ingredients ( stated on product ) : Olive Oil, Flower Oil, Neem Powder,  Lavender, Tea Tree

I got sensitive skin,therefore natural product  without harmful chemical ingredients  is ideal for me.

The recently  extremely Hot weather had worsen my skin condition especially my hands, become ultra dry >< , so  i need some product to moisturize my skin .

                            Everyday i apply neem balm on my hands for several times,  after wash hands.

I realised neem balm do helps moisturize my skin, eventhough it is not  ultimate cure for my dry skin  . However ,  i will consider to restock again since it is a natural product which free from harmful chemical ingredients  , with such a big size 60g  and affordable price RM 45 ( exclude postage)  Included key chain , casing,thermometer ( free gift while stock last ).

Interested to find out more , check it out

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