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Recently i visited Lada & Clove @Trove Hotel Johor Bahru for Ramadan Buffet dinner media preview =D

This year , Trove Hotel is pround to present its inaugural celebration of Ramadan with  ' Juadah Masyarakat Malaysia ' buffet dinner which starts from 7th MAY until 3 th JUNE 2019 ~~ =)

Alice  ( beside me, the lady in blue baju kurung )  is my plus one  for this media preview event =)

What you can expect for the Trove's  Ramadan buffet dinner 2019  is 

Over 200 of Malaysia 's favourite dishes will be featured at their live BBQ stall, hot plate counter ,steamboat station, vegetarian corner and buffet line . 

 JUADAH MASYARAKAT MALAYSIA RAMADAN BUFFET DINNER 2019 is presented by  Chef Fadzren Oyob and its talented culinary team at Lada & Clove Restaurant =D

Alice ordered this =) very attractive dishes =D

                 Treasure of Trove is Trove johor bahru 's Main highlight ( 主打美食 ).

Besides  this,  another highlight for Juadah Masyarakat Malaysia is Rendang Kambing Tok,  prepare for eight hours and made with Trove's secret spices, aromatic lamb oxtail Gulai Warisan Utara made with a special mix of candlenut  (buah keras ) , and Masak Lomak Burung Puyuh (quail ) and Itik Salai ( Smoke Dried  Duck ) . 

                          I holding the treasure of trove , can't wait to try it out =P

Seafood on iced is available too  =)

Other main dishes included Tandoori Quail , traditional javanese ayam penyet siram with kuah lemak
prepared with galangal leaf and seeds , minang style vernison  ( rusa ) rendang.

                              My blogger friends love this  , I regret not trying this XD

                                        fried durian , very tasty =D yum

                    One of my favourite - Salted egg prawn , the prawn is fresh  and delicious =p

                  Baked Salmon Portuguese is my favourite too , since i am a salmon lover =D

                                                             fried chicken butter

                                                        Lamb Carcass


                                                 Fresh Fruits Corner

After tasted so many food ,  I am full but my stomach still got room for dessert  =p

                                                                      Malay kuih

Trove ' sweet temptations corner  featured a selection of French Pastries and cakes ,assorted cookies and candies , dodol ,sagun kelapa, putu piring, mango cendol pulut  etc.

                                                                   Ice Kacang

Trove Johor Bahru also prepared the sirap selasih , bandung soda, kurma juice, nescafe tarik , teh to quench your thirst  =D

                                  Overall,  I am satisfy the main course and dessert here. ^^
As for the environment ,It is considered not so Malay traditional style .

                              Before we leaving, Wefie is a must =P. Thanks Maressa from Trove Johor Bahru invited me for the Ramadan buffet  media preview session =)

Interested to try the tasty food of trove ?
good news for you ,

The early bird price is -  available from 1st - 20th April 2019  -  RM108 nett per adult and RM68 nett per child ,

  Normal price is only RM128 nett per adult and RM78 nett per child and is available from 21st APRIL TO 3rd June 2019.

Don't miss out on their daily lucky draw , you might stand chance to win fantastic prize during ramadan. =)

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