Friday, 3 May 2019

Spices Of Nusantara International Buffet @ Legoland Malaysia Resort, Bricks Family Restaurant

Hi all~~

Today,  i  would love to share with you my dining experience at Bricks Family Restaurant , Legoland Malaysia Resort. :)

Thanks for the media invite from Legoland Malaysia , actually  this is my first time entered legoland hotel xD

          This hotel is full of surprise ~~ it even provide a Lego playzone for the hotel guest and their children :p

Bricks restaurant is very colourful , and lovely lego decoration is display everywhere .
It create nice ambience for diners :D

           Look at me , I wearing baju kurung , because today is  legoland  ramadan buffet 2019 media preview :D

                            Variety drink for queench  your thirst .Personally love fruit punch and teh tarik , if can less sugar , then will be best xD

                             Seafood On Ice!   got green lip mussel, poached prawn , wow it look so attractive 🤩

                                     Main course section , i love pan sear salmon ,fresh and tasty 🙂

It covered thai fried rice with seafood steamed jasmine rice , singapore bee hoon,sup tulang merah.

                                                        Black Pepper Crab!! 😍

Other maincourse included pad kakpow gai , rendang chicken,balinese spicy beef, speciap seafood rolls with vegetables, hyderabaf lamb , bebek panggang ( roasted duck with indonesiab style )etc .

                                                             Rojak 😃

                                                     Gado- Gado

                            Outdoor still got BBQ section 😍

                                                   Roasted Whole Lamb

                                                   Roti and murtabak corner

                                                     Gulai Kawah (signature ) mixed ribs and meat stewed with local herbs and homemade spice

From the cheese board
Emmanthel ,gouda ,cheddar ,boursin, port salut, camembert accompanied with grapes,nuts, dried fruits , slice bread and crackers .

Legoland international buffet provided variety of cheese and fruits. It does surprise me! , This is my first time saw the Ramadan buffet serve so many different cheese xD .


Selection of sliced cake , mousse cake, assorted fruit jelly ,lamington, vanilla cake ,chocolate fudge , yam cake etc  One of my favourite is Green Tea Cake , delicious !

                                                    Assorted Malay kuih

Seasonal fresh fruits : Watermelon, sun melon, jack fruits , guava , dragon fruits etc

                    It's been a while . Blogger friends and I doesn't catch up :)

总的来说: 环境五彩缤纷 充满了可爱的lego 摆设 让人看了很开胃


由于外国用餐客人多的关系 这里也有许多芝士的选择,蜜枣也是。

户外有许多烧烤料理  不错 ~~

甜品方面,我最喜欢 绿茶cheese cake 很美味 :p

Spices Of Nusantara International Buffet

6 th May 2019 -- 6 th June 2019

6pm- 10pm

Legoland Malaysia Resort, Bricks Family Restaurant

Early Bird :  ( Before 06/05/19 )

Adult: RM118 nett
Child : RM58  nett

Normal Price:
Adult: RM148 nett
Child : RM 78 nett

General Booking:

Email :
Tel:   +6075603808/3884

Parking - special rate extended to all guest dine in at restaurant @ RM8 nett per entry

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