About Me(Kim)

Hi all, i am a kim, blogger from johor bahru.
I love to share KL, JB happening, latest beauty  fashion review with  all of you =) . That's  my idea when i set up Kim test and share diary  .

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If you are looking for me review your  beauty product /brand/shop/fashion accessories /food/jewelry (anything as long as i interested ),blog  advertorial .

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嗨,我来自新山,马来西亚。 喜欢与您分享新山的活动资讯,生活点滴以及最新的美容时尚资讯, 找我写美容时尚产品试用分享,出席活动, 商业活动。 可电邮至: belovebaobei@gmail.com

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Id : belovebaobei